My turn...

I really wanted Jake Matthews to be in this draft because we probably had a chance at him or Eric Fisher with our 1a pick. But that's life. We can maybe get Fisher if teams get QB happy and overreach on 2-3 QB's. I didn't draft a LB because I figure we're decent there and can upgrade via FA. I remembered Snead saying after the last year's draft that he wanted to improve units. So i focused on that. Here we go...

1a (16) Eric Fisher, OT CMU OR Jesse Williams, DT Alabama/Sheldon Richardson, DT Missouri OR Chance Warmack, OG Alabama

If Fisher isn't there, and Williams or Richardson are, I'd like to get one of them. So based on odds, I'd go Williams.

1b (22) Barrett Jones, C/OG Alabama OR John Jenkins, DT Georgia/Shariff Floyd, DT Florida or Kenny Vaccaro, S Texas

Here, I'd love to get Barrett Jones. He played up and down the Alabama offensive line at T, G, and C. With all the injuries we had up and down our line, I'd love a versatile guy like him. He was solid at every position against SEC defensive lines.

2 (46) Eric Reid, S LSU/Matt Elam, S Florida/TJ McDonald, S USC OR Jonathan Cooper, OG UNC

With DT and O-line addressed, I'd love to get any of these safeties that could be available here. I think Vaccaro will be gone by the time this pick comes up but I hope Reid is there. If he isn't, I hope Elam is.

3 (78) Baccari Rambo, S Georgia OR Margus Hunt, DE SMU

Here is my curve ball. I'm going Hunt here. The guy is a freak. He's raw but he'll have time to develop behind Long and Quinn. Some say he may not even last til the 3rd if he has a crazy combine which I could see.

4 (110) Chris Faulk, OT LSU/Alex Hurst, OT LSU, Brennan Williams, OT UNC

Here I'd take any of these OT's. Yes they all had injuries but that's what'll give us value with this pick. I like Faulk myself. Started at LOT at LSU for a year before getting injured. Had the chops to be a 1st or 2nd round pick if he didn't get hurt.

5 (142) Ray Ray Armstrong, S

6'4" freak safety. don't know much of his issues at Miami but he was suppose to be the next big time Miami safety.

6 (174) Whatever

7 (206) Whatever

So there it is Jesse Williams-DT, Barrett Jones-OG/C, Eric Reid-S, Margus Hunt-DE, Chris Faulk-OT, and Ray Ray Armstrong-S. I think with this draft we'd improve the defensive line, offensive line and safety units.

What do you guys think?

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