Numbers Never Lie?

Many people like to use numbers to support their arguments. It seems to be the ultimate back up to someone's opinion so I figured that I'd throw some numbers out at you. This should be fun, lets get started with the number 0.

0 - That is the number of sacks that the Rams Offensive line gave up in the last two game combined. This seems to be a fact that could blow the Offensive Line enthusiasts arguments out of the water. This tidbit of information proves that our Offensive line is getting better and got better as the season progressed. I wonder what Paul Boudreau can do with another year under his belt with the same scheme, should be interesting to see. The main reason I bring up this number to tell all, don't be surprised if we don't draft an offensive linemen in the first.



35 - That is the number of sacks that the offensive line allowed this season, that is good for 14th best in the NFL, not the best but certainly not the worst. Remember, this is with Wells being out for most of the season. We defiantly need two offensive line picks in the first..... right?

5 - That is the number of touchdowns our leading receiver had the year, Brandon Gibson. Granted, if you watched the games you would notice at times the Rams could move up and down the field not with ease but with some consistency, their problem came with scoring touchdowns and not settling for field goals. This would show that we need a receiver that can score, no? Furthermore, 5 is the number of games Danny Amendola missed this season. 3, that's the number of touchdowns and 666 being the number of yards he had on the year. Gibson had more touchdowns then him and Givens had more yards and the same amount of Touchdowns. My question is, what is the infatuation with the guy? He will never be great in my opinion, just a bit above average here and there. While Givens stepped in and proved to be more valuable in just his first season. My point is, I won't be very sad if he's let go.

6-1-1 - That is what the Rams went this season when SJax carried the ball 18+ times. So, although we all might want think this might be a pass happy team, I would probably disagree, even if it would be interesting to see.

3 - That's how many receivers that could be gone thanks to Free Agency, that being Gibson, Amendola and Smith. I still haven't ran across an argument that gives me a reason why we shouldn't pick a receiver in the first. Quick is a mystery which then leaves us with Givens and Pettis. Even if we do keep Amendola and Gibson, both have proven to be untrustworthy whether it be to injuries or production on the field. Sure, there is depth in this draft at the wide receiver position but do you expect an impact wide receiver to fall to us in the 2nd because I don't. Meanwhile, good Guards are known to fall in the draft.

2 - I just researched this today after reading one of Ramfan 1313's comments. 8 receivers were picked to go to the Pro Bowl, out of them 8 receivers, only 2 were not selected in the first round. Now lets take this even further, out of the 6 Guards that played in the Pro Bowl, none of them were picked in the first round and all of them were either picked in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round. 2 is also the number of sacks Rodger Saffold gave up all season according to PFF. We have a damn good LT gentlemen, can we calm down on the need to draft a Left Tackle now?

4.5 Million - Alright, this is my last one, can you guess what this number stands for? That's the dollar amount that Scott Wells will count against the cap in this upcoming season. 6 Million is the amount that he will cost in 2014. 7 is the number of starts that he had in this past season. Anybody else feeling bad about this investment so far?

Hmm, I have to admit, that was more fun then I thought it would be. And before you say it I know I know...



Haha, have a nice day folks and hope you enjoyed the read.

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