Tavon Austin: 5'9... Wes Welker: 5'9.... With New Mock Draft

Tavon Austin is 5'9, Wes Welker is 5'9 so whats the talk about short players being ineffetive at receiver ? That's silly talk, in my opinion I think that Tavon Austin or Terrence Williams are the two bes receivers in the draft and are both worthy of the number 22 Selection, but i'd rather have Austin because I think he's ready to contribute in the NFL now, Austin has the potential to be one of the best slot receivers in the league, and like Chance warmack is one of the most dominant players seen at the slot receiver position in a long time, so if the Rams don't resign Amendola.. than they know where to go in the 2013 draft. Check out Tavon's night at OU

Tavon's Night (Tavon Austin vs. Oklahoma 2012 Highlights) (via dougitydog)

if you dont think he's the real deal.. Now time for a Mock Draft one of the best ones i've put together in a while I might add !



TRADEDOWN: Falcons trade up to grab Ansah !

1A 22:

Tavon Austin WR WVU-

Wes Welker is 5'9 and a top ten receiver in the league or 15, Tavon austin is also 5'9 and looks like he has the potential to be better than Welker or Amendola ever was... and is one of the best slot receivers comming out of college i've seen in a long time. Simple solution ? Let DA walk and draft him at 22 before the Pats can get him.. Comparison - Wes Welker



1B 30:

Lane Johnson RT OU

Lane Johnson based off his senior bowl performance has proven to me that he can be a Solid starting right tackle in the league and can be plugged in right away, maybe even a left tackle eventually, the Bears or Steelers might keep Johnson from making it this far but if he doesn't slide this far than DJ Fluker would be a player I expect to be still around at this pick. Comparison - Breno Giacomini RT Seahawks




Tony Jefferson S OU

- could be the answer to all of our coverage troubles is 6'0 but has the talent to matchup with huge TE's the best safety available would be apropriate right here, whether it be Elam, Reid etc. Reid would be ideal here, but in this scenario he's gone Comparison - Kenny Phillips S NYG




Zach Ertz

(Te’s have been known to slide !)- If Zach Ertz managed to slide this far, Rams fans would have a field day. Although not as talented as a whole as Eifert, Ertz isn't that far behind and exceeds Eifert in terms of run blocking and speed. He could hopefully be our dennis pitta/hernandez Comparison Zach Miller TE Seattle




Da’Rick Rogers WR tennesee Tech

The former Tennesee standout will be the steal of the draft sort of like Jenkins was in 2012. By letting Amendola go, I think the consensus would be that we have to draft 2 receivers since I don't believe in Quick as anything more than a Redzone guy. Rogers is a blend of size, speed and strength, and was a 5 star recruit comming out of highschool like Julio Jones and AJ Green and isnt that far behind in talent, he would've been a first round selection if not for character issues. He has a chance to be a lass talented, but still talented version of Julio Jones in the league. Comparison: Greg Jennings WR Greenbay




Zavier Gooden

OLB Missouri (showed talent at senior bowl, and had a underrated season.. former safety)- Snead was at the senior bowl and saw Goodens talent and it just so happens we need a Linebacker who's stout in coverage, Gooden could be a steal for us and start for us day one and cover receivers and tight ends, he would allow us to move out of nickle occasionally and back into our traditional 4-3 fronts. Comparison: - CJ Mosley OLB Alabama




Jonathon Cyprien

S FIU (Fisher and Snead have been known to take guys based off senior bowls)and Cyprien had a pretty good senior bowl, the dude is a PUNISHING tackler and would be the perfect replacement for Quinten Mikell. Comparison - Bernard Pollard Ravens S




Graham Pocic

C/OG Illinois- Another senior bowl participant Graham was a standout and will be needed to be insurance for when Scott Wells will eventually go down, but can also play Guard and be solid for us when Wells isn't injured. Comparison - Matt Birk Ravens C




Greg Reid

(formally the starting cornerback opposite xzavier rhodes, he was formerly suspected to be a 3rd/4th round pick but will slide because of character issues, he will also solve our return man problems was great at FSU at returning punts and kickoffs, will also add to our great depth at corner. Comparison - Kyle Arrington New England



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