In a perfect off-season... (At least I think so)

Okay, so I'll start right off the bat telling you that the Rams will have an estimated $2 Million in cap space to work with. I will tell you next that the front office can change that, easily.

First, I start with cutting/trading three players to open up a good amount of cap space breathing room. First, we let Steven Jackson void the last year of his contract, and we don't resign him. Y'all heard me right- we do not re-sign him. Our cap room would then jump to about $9,000,000 in free space. Next, we cut Quintin Mikell, saving us another $6,000,000. We're up to $15,000,000. We then trade away Kendall Langford (avoiding a $6 Million hit) for a late-round pick. We end up with $21,000,000.

We then move on to re-signing some players, while letting others go. Our list of FAs is this: Danny Amendola, William Hayes, Brandon Gibson, Bradley Fletcher, Barry Richardson, Darian Stewart, Kellen Clemens, Robert Turner, Justin Cole, Jermelle Cudjo, Steve Smith, Chris Williams, Mario Haggan, Craig Dahl, and Rocky McIntosh. (That is 15 guys, or 28.3% of the 53-man roster!) Anyways, I would only bring back four of them. We could sign Brandon Gibson to a longer, yet not very expensive contract. I'll say pay him $3 Million this year. (18M left) Next down the line is Barry Richardson. Pay him $2 Million this year. (16M left) Next is Kellen Clemens, who can be payed $1.5 Million this season and next. ($14.5 Million) My last man is Robert Turner, signed strictly for O-line depth. I think $1.5 is fair. ($13 Million)

Next, we move on to signing two free agents. First, we can sign Jairus Byrd to a long, fat contract. We can let him take up $7 Million of our cap space. ($6 Million left) We will then proceed to sign Brian Hartline to a smaller, yet respectable contract. I'd say we can bring him in for $4 Million. That would leave two million left for the draft, which might not be enough. We would still be able to cut some no-namers though to get some extra room. My 5 round mock looks like this:

1a. Chance Warmack, G

1b. Tyler Eifert, TE

2. TRADE BACK, thus picking up a 4th. Then, Montee Ball, RB (Dude is completely underrated)

3. DJ Swearinger, S

4a. Jelani Jenkins, OLB

4b. Aaron Dobson, WR

5. Xavior Nixon, OT

Ultimately, if this offseason happened, it would wipe away all needs except WR, OT, and depth at many positions.

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