The Other Wide Receiver at West Virginia

West Virginia Receiver Tavon Austin is considered the most explosive player in this draft, and rightfully so. Many here want him on the Rams to add that extra spice to our offense. I do not. Not because he is a bad player, but because we don't need him, and we don't need to spend our first rounder on him. Instead, I am here to talk about the "other" wide receiver at West Virginia, Stedman Bailey.



Stedman Bailey has always shown a knack for being where you need him to be, and to make the play you need him to make. He may be of small stature, and may not be a burner, but he finds ways to get open. His route running is NFL quality. I even believe it is beyond certain NFL players route running. In 2011, against LSU, WVU was at the goal line. Bailey was against Mathieu and he completely owned him. He did a quick fake inside, and went outside. Mathieu bit on it hard, and fell down trying to catch up. This is just an example. Along with great route running, Bailey has great catching ability

(Sorry, SBN didn't allow me to import it. Anyway, click on the links, you won't be disappointed)

and he has great sideline awareness.

and he can can break of the long one

and he has a mean streak.

I hope you clicked those links, because otherwise, you missed out.

Now, for those of us who like to see numbers here is his 2011 stats

72 receptions 1279 yards 12 touchdowns

Not bad, right?

Well, what about his 2012 stats?

114 receptions 1622 yards 25 touchdowns.

Yes, 25 touchdowns. That is only 6 less touchdowns then the Rams scored ALL season, as a TEAM. And that is with Tavon Austin on the other side, getting his fair share of plays.

Yes, you can say Austin pulls some of his coverage, but not all of it. And even then, to get 25 touchdowns is no small feat, college ball or not. That is 2 touchdowns less then the record in his conference, and 2 less then Jerry Rice's best season in college.

Stedman Bailey is the right player for our team, and for Bradford. He can replace Danny Amendola if need be, or even start. He is the type of receiver that Bradford prefers, someone he can depend on to make the tough catches, or to be open when he needs him to be open. He is the safety valve on every play, but he is also the go to guy on every play. Pair him up with Givens and Quick, and you have 3 receivers that can cause match up disasters for opposing defenses. And best of all, we won't even need to use a first round pick to get him.

Stedman Bailey, the "other" wide receiver at West Virginia University.

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