Mocker Focker

Hey fellow rams fans

It's that time of the year as we prepare for the off-season and draft. So i put together a mocker focking mock draft.

1a. Dion Jordan - 6'7 245 OLB/DE HYBIRD [Oregon] with speed,pass rush and coverage skill but more of a pure pass rusher. Some will say this is a luxury pick but i beg to Differ for 3 reasons. 1 any this that generate more pressure on the QB is always a good thing. 2 he does have some coverage ability and the speed to run with most TE's. We were killed by teams with good/great TE's with his size and speed there will no longer be i mismatch when covering a 6"6 TE. 3 did i mention PASS RUSH enough said

1b. Eric Reid - 6'2 215 FS [LSU] At this point in the draft Kenny V is gone (i didn't think he's the best safety in draft anyways) he's a great center fielder. As the range you need to cover a lot over ground on the back end and good in run support. He's also a ball hawk the only thing i don't like about he's game is the suspect angles of pursuit he takes sometime.If That can be fixed we have one of the best secondaries in the NFL.

2. Quinton Patton - 6'2 195 LA [LA Tech] This is my favorite WR in the draft. This guy is Probably the most complete WR in this Draft. he's smart,runs great routes,beats pressman often and know's how to found the hole's in Zone coverage. He has number 1 WR talent and will shine in our offense.

3. Larry Warford - 6'3 345 OG [Kentucky] I like this guy he's huge and great in the running game. His massive body and brute strength could open up a lot of running lanes for our RB's to i like it.

4. Dj Swearinger - 6'0 210 SS [South Carolina] I think this is one of the best safety draft classes ever. If we want to be good at safety for the next 10 year we better get them this year. With Mikell my be on his way out or if he's still on the team he will be 32 next season. Eventually we will have to replace him. Dj is a hard hitting safety that WR will have to be afraid of when they come across the middle the only things that concern me about him are. he don't wrap up tackles he always go for the knockout and he has had to many personal foul penalties called against him. If he can control his emotions on the field and start wrapping up when he tackles he would be great.

5. Joseph Fauria - 6'7 255 TE [UCLA] A Notre Dame transfer he's had a good season at UCLA 11 touchdowns 9 in the red zone were we seem to struggle. He's a big target down there and would be a great mismatch any where on the field.

6. Menelik Watson 6'6 320 OT [FSU] This dude is a freak of nature. He played soccer and basketball before playing football he's only played in 20 games of football but he's upside is to high to pass up in the 6th

7. Kwame Geathers 6'6 355 DT [UGA] He played out of place at UGA. He played DE because they ran a 3-4 defense at UGA but he's a big man with him and brockers at DT enough said.


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