My Mock

This is really the only time of the year I get involved over here at TST. I pop in from time to time during the season, but I dont get online much over the weekends, so I cant get into gameday threads anyway. So I check in on some front page articles and thats about it. But draft season is just something that I have become enamored with for some reason.

Last season, my claim to fame of my Mock(s) was being a big fan of Brandon Bolden and mocking him to the Rams late in most drafts. He ended up undrafted (which was expected) and putting up 148 total yards and a TD against the Bills for the Pats this season.

I wont go into too much depth with each pick but here we go....

1a. Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas - best Safety in the class, possibly the biggest need for the Rams.

1b. Keenan Allen/Terrance Williams/DeAndre Hopkins, WR - whoever is available in this order. not that they are interchangeable but I think the rams can use help at WR from any type of receiver. All 3 are fairly polished and all around solid in all aspects of the game. These guys are not 1 trick ponies, and this is what the rams need at WR.

2. DJ Fluker, OT, Alabama - BIG boy, strong run blocker. I see him starting on the right side.

3. Kyle Long, OT, Oregon - Chris' brother may not be able to be a full time Tackle in the league because of his shorter arms. But I have faith in him to be a solid Lineman. He can battle Rok for the LG spot, and offer insurance on Fluker and the oft injured Saffold. Hopefully finding a home at RG where he and Rok become the inside mashers for the long run.

4. Gavin Escobar/Ryan Otten, TE, SDSU/SJSU - Rams need TE help. Either someone who is better than Kendricks, or someone who can allow Kendricks to move off the line. Both these guys will be bigger than Lance and should be able to help out in both blocking and offering bigger red zone targets. I'd be happy with either.

5. Cameron Lawrence, OLB, Mississippi St - Nothing exciting here. Fills a need for the rams and has been a tackling machine in the SEC the last two years.

6. Ray Ray Armstrong, S, Faulkner U - Here is the bad boy pick for this mock. Would have liked to have taken a chance on the Honey Badger earlier but I just didn't see a good spot to take him. This guy is huge, he would instantly be one of the biggest safeties (a quick search i couldnt find one bigger) at 6'4'' 220. And at this size he still offers the speed of a 5'10'' 205 safety. There is no mismatch for him.

7. Joe Madsen, C, West Virginia - Scott Wells was not a great addition. He's also not the future. Madsen is a 4 year starter out of WVU, a team that has put up some gaudy offensive numbers in the recent past. He is not undersized at 6'4'' 310. I think its worth a shot at your future center in the 7th round.

Thats it...thoughts, concerns, name calling?

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