Rams 2013 mock draft round 1-4

1a. Chance Warmack G

Grade: 95.9 (

Why? - He's big, mean and one of the best interior lineman to come out in a while. The Rams need help in a lot of areas but a strong team is built with an elite line. Besides that we need to look for the best player we can find and with this draft class being particularly weak at the top I see this being the best the Rams can do. We could also look in the direction of Eric Fisher but with him becoming the bell of the ball at the senior bowl I see a team reaching early on him. My only reasoning that Warmack will still be there is that guards are drafted lower than other lineman historically, just look what happened to David Decastro last season after the pre-draft hype he received.


1b. Lane Johnson OT

Grade: 86.9 (

Why? - Barry Richardson... On a more serious note this man is playing very well in the senior bowl and his draft stock will only rise. One O lineman will not fix our line but two will make it highly formidable. If you have seen Johnson then I'm sure you've seen he is a highly athletic lineman with good technique who could be a great asset if he filled his frame out just a little bit. He's not a project, he is NFL ready and like I said an elite line makes an elite team.


2. Justin Hunter WR

Grade: 81.8 (

Why? - Potential, Potential, Potential! Being 6'4" and running a 4.4 is great and all but we have all seen workout warriors who just don't pan out. Justin Hunter will be different. What impresses me is that he was able to eclipse 1,000 yards receiving in the SEC coming off a bad knee injury. He will only get more healthy. He was able to play with the big boys which leads me to believe he will play well in the NFL. He has great speed, and uses his size well. It seems like teams have been down on him do to the though of him being injury prone. If he is still around in the second round he would be a steal and instantly upgrade our receiving core.

Ultimate Justin Hunter Highlights (via TheVikingsworld2011)

3. D.J. Swearinger SS

Grade: 81.4 (

Why? - HE HITS HARD! Beside that I see him as one of the most underrated safeties in this draft. He is somewhat small as a SS but with his viscous ability to hit he could be a game changer. He also is decent in coverage which makes him an instant upgrade to Dahl. In comparison he will look like an All-Pro. With him added to our secondary it will make us one step closer to being elite.

DJ Swearinger Highlights (via swagg36)

4. Phillip Thomas FS

Grade: 74.1 (

Why? - This man is a ball hawk. If one is good than two is better and the rams could most certainly use a play maker at FS. If anyone has seen the senior bowl or just watched this kid play he is always around the ball. I would say to look for a line backer at this spot but Thomas is of more value here. This class is somewhat weak at OLB and there is no reason to reach for someone who will ride the bench when a play maker is available. He may lack elite speed but his ability to be around the ball are what make him special. This will give out one big hitting safety and one center fielder. This draft could very well mold the Rams secondary as one of the best for years to come. Again this is such a strong class at this position I could see him falling although if he keep performing well he may be out of reach.

Phillip Thomas Highlights (via csufbulldogs)

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