Playmaker, This Guy Is

A ton of Wide Receivers names have been thrown around since the mid mark of the NFL season. My favorite WIde Receiver so far has to be DeAndre Hopkins of Clemson but since I know that just because I want the Rams to choose one particular receiver over the rest is highly doubtful I figured I'd give you my second favorite WIde Receiver from this years draft. The guy that I speak of is, Tavon Austin.



One of the major strengths that we would get with draft Austin would be his versatility, he is a play maker and one of the best play makers in this draft at the Wide Receiver position in my opinion. On any given play he can line up in the Slot or he can line up on the outside. Furthermore he can also line up in the back field in the running back position and has the player making ability o break off a big run here and there. He can also naturally return punts and kickoffs which we've been missing for years. Another thing I really like about Austin is the fact he has blazing speed and elusiveness. This is one of his greatest assets going into the NFL and it is reported that he can run a 4.36 40. He can reach top end speed very quick but can slow down on the dime to juke. He has great hands and from what I've seen he will go up for a ball despite his small stature.

In his final season at West Virginia University here was his stats:

Receptions: 114

Reception Yards: 1,289

Touchdowns: 12

Rushes: 72

Rush Yards: 643

Touchdowns: 3

He was a model of consistency all season and constantly produced. As of right now has him as the 3rd best Wide Receiver in the draft. I don't believe this is too far fetched especially looking forward. At the combine I expect him to shine in the 40 which should boost his draft stock a bit and if he's not already, should be a first round pick.

With every draft pick, Austin does also have some things that might scare some team away. He is relativity small for the position coming in at 5'9 and 174 pounds according to ESPN. This could scare some pro teams away considering not many players that size stay in the league at a consistent basis. Along with that, the numbers that I stated above could be a bit inflated considering West Virginia plays in the Big 12 where defense isn't really known to be their strength. There's always a bit of a concern and a bit of tempering expectations with wide receivers coming out of this conference all depending on whether that can adapt to an NFL type offense.

Tavon Austin 2012 Highlights ᴴᴰ (via ThatHighlightChannel)

With all of those faults being said, I do believe he has the ability to break the mold of these faults. He has the ability to be a deep threat considering his speed and he can also excel in the intermediate game as well. He's the type of receiver that Sam would like, a type of Wide Receiver that can make plays after the catch and make players miss. This also gives him the ability to catch the ball behind the LOS and make plays. I think I'd rank him as the 4th best pure Wide Receiver in this draft right now behind Allen, Hopkins and Hunter. But he just might be one of the best play maker, all around, considering what all he can do maybe only second to Cordarelle Patterson (only because of his size). I believe he is a right round prospect right now and could go anywhere in the 20s which would be perfect if our front office did decide to choose him.

What do you think of Austin, would you be happy with the Rams selecting him with a first round pick, why or why not. Also, if there's anything I missed about him feel free to tell me in the comments. Thanks for reading.

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