My Off season plan for the St.Louis Rams

So heres an off season plan, which personally, I hope happens.

Re-signing/ Cutting

1) Keep Steven Jackson- Steven Jackson is our only real threat that opposing defenses try to stop. Yes, he may be getting old, but defenses still can't sleep on him. This means two things, one, the defense can't blitz as much and two, play actions can be more effective. Don't tell me Daryl Richardson can do that. Towards the end of the season, he petered out. He is a great change of pace back, but that is all he really is, certainly at this point. The other thing is that Steven's pass blocking, experience, passion and leadership is invaluable to this team. If he leaves, the inexperience on this team would be massive, and frankly, we won some games purely because of Steven.

2) Re-sign Hayes- Hayes was a great back up player, but some people feel he should start. While I am against him stating for US, he could still feel he can get a starting job somewhere (Jacksonville perhaps?) As long as he comes cheap, great. Otherwise, we need to look in the draft for a replacement.

3) Sign/ trade a low-tier safety- We should look to get some young safety, who could be a big hit, a la Jo-lonn Dunbar. Maye Rahim Moore could be picked up, in case he is cut, or maybe traded for with a late pick somewhere. But that depends on a lot of variables.

4) Don't resign Danny Amendola- The main reason for this is that he is probably going to want to much money, and NE would probably give him more. And he is too injury prone, which isn't great.

5) Re sign Brandon Gibson- Yes, I hate his inconsistency as much as you do, but you have to face the facts. He was the top offensive scoring weapon for us this year, and obviously has a bond with Sam. He will come cheap, and can be a stop gap, until someone better can fill his role, or he starts preforming.

Now for the draft.

1A) Trade Down- The reason I propose a trade down is because I feel both Eric Fisher and Chane Warmack won't be available. Therefore, since all the players that are projected to go in this area are cornerbacks, quarterbacks and defensive ends, all positions we don't need to spend a first rounder on, we trade down. I say we trade down with the Ravens, because they want to get Mani Te'o to fill their need a MLB, after Ray Lewis leaves. I doubt Te'o's "issues" will worry them much. But if the Ravens don't feel that Te'o is the option then I can see the Cardinals, yes the Cardinals, trade back into the first. They would get franchise LT with their first pick, and then try to get Mike Glennon, but they would need to trade up, before Chicago. Yet another option is the Texans, because they could use a Cornerback/ WR. With these many options, we must trade down, unless Fisher is there. I say we go with the Ravens/ Texans trading up. Therefore we get a first and a second this year and a third next year.

1B) Larry Warford OG Kentucky- Warford is a dominant player at Kentucky, and paired with Rok, they could from a very strong run game. I also think he is the next best guard after Warmack.

1C) Matt Elam FS Florida- Matt Elam is my new favorite safety in this class. He is very good at coverage and reading plays, and he can really stick it. Kind of like Janoris Jenkins, his former Florida teammate. I think he can be very good.

2A) Oday Aboushi LT Virginia- Aboushi can be a very good RT. His pass blocking is quite good, and he has the strength to be a forceful run blocker. Kyle Long was an option, until I read about his short arms, in the NFC West, that will get us killed. Another option is Doug's man crush Lane Johnson, but I am no that high on him, he can be a good RT, but he gets beat quite easily some times.

2B) Stedman Bailey Wr West Virginia- Stedman Bailey is one of my favorite WR prospects, he is the second coming of Danny Amendola and Wes Welker, but a bit faster, stronger and quicker. He is route running is great, as is his catching and lets not forget about his ridiculous stats.. Imagine Quick, Givens and Bailey lined up? Yeah.

3A) Le'veon Bell RB Michigan State- Le'veon Bell can beat defenders in so many ways: He can run the over, stiff am them to the ground, spin past them, root them in place with a quick juke move or just jump over them. Add to that his catching and above average pass blocking ability, and you have a formidable franchise running back. And I don't care about his speed, he has enough to get you the ten yards you need. Yeah, I love him, and I don't know if it is homo sexual or not.

4A) Dion Sims TE Michigan State- Dion Sims was not only Michigan's best run-blocker, he was also one of their better catchers too. He can be a nice addition for our team, allowing Kendricks to be more of a pass catcher then before.

5) Marquess Wilson WR Washington State- Marquess May not even drop this far, but if he does, we have to pick him up. He has talent oozing out of him, and he looks like an A.J Green type of player. Another option if Wilson is unavailable is Baker Steinkuhler, a DT fro Nebraska. He has the size that we seem to prefer for our D-lineman, and has had an good season.

6) Cameron Lawrence OLB Mississippi State- An Athletic OLB, who has the chance to be something big.

7) Branden Smith CB Georgia- Depth

UDFA Joe Madsen C West Virginia- Geno Smith seem to get plenty of time, so Madsen could be a nice pick up.

So that is my off season plan. Let me know how you liked it, and what your thoughts are.

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