Matt Miller's Newest Mock

He just released it within the past few hours, and at this point in the process it looks as though it could be the real deal... Unfortunately, there are some devastating happenings from picks 10-13 that leave the Rams without a clear direction to go. You can find the entire link here, but I'll also give you a synopsis of the happenings.

#10 - Titans: Chance Warmack - Not the first time I've seen him mocked this high. He's an absolutely phenomenal player at an undervalued position in a very weak draft class, so this really isn't that big of a stretch.

#11 - Chargers: Eric Fisher - The last of the solid 1st round LT prospects... With the Chargers need for a tackle, this is not at all surprising.

#12 - Dolphins: Cordarrelle Patterson - The sky is the limit for this guy... With Warmack and the guy who will be taken at #13 are gone, this would be my third option for us at #16...

#13 - Buccaneers: Kenny Vaccaro - Being the top safety in this class, and coming from DBU, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Vaccaro go in the top 15. The Bucs bigger need is at corner, but basically they need secondary help wherever they can get it.

So after four straight picks of certain sadness, what did Miller have us coming out with?

Round 1, Pick 16: OG Jonathan Cooper, UNC - Really sort of a consolation prize at the guard position, but still should be an amazing player at his position for the next 10 years or so. Seems like potentially a bit of a reach, but I wouldn't be at all upset given the way our OL currently looks.

Round 1, Pick 22: OT/OG Dallas Thomas, Tennessee - Miller praised Thomas for his versatility, saying that he could excel at virtually any position on the line other than center. He also noted that Thomas doesn't quite have the quickness to consistently play at LT. Plugging him in at RT would really give us a good looking OL heading into the season though, so I can't say that I'm disappointed.

Round 2, Pick 15: WR Robert Woods, USC - Tell me at the beginning of last year that we would end up getting Robert Woods in the second round, and I would have cried tears of joy. Things have obviously changed with the hype surrounding him, due to his ankle injury and the emergence of Marqise Lee. However, at this point Woods makes sense... He would also be a great compliment to the receivers we already have.

Round 3, Pick 14: FS D.J. Swearinger, South Carolina - The only noticeable hole in the Rams defense this past season was ANYWHERE WHERE CRAIG DAHL LINED UP. We could probably use another OLB, but lacking one won't at all hold this defense back. Swearinger could be the missing piece.

All in all, I think that Miller did a wonderful job for the Rams given the circumstances. It definitely isn't the sexiest of all possibilities, but if things were to come out this way, I wouldn't be at all upset.

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