What No D?

First off the Rams resign Mikell. Maybe he restructures his contract? SJ39 has had a great career in STL but he wants to move on to a GB or PIT so they let him walk. Danny wants too big of a contract for his injuries and games played. Sorry to see you go. Gibson is resigned on a cheap one year prove-it deal. In FA the Rams sign Dashon Goldson S (SF) or Jairus Byrd S (BUF) to start opposite Mikell. Then Anthony Spencer OLB (DAL) or Connor Barwin OLB (HOU) to finish the OLB position. In this mock I'd like to trade down with our top pick to a team like the Bengals for their 1st and 2nd. STL #16 for CIN #21 and CIN 2nd round #5 from OAK. A player would have to fall that CIN wants but for this mock that happens. 9 picks in the draft is a win already. And the first selection is...

1A: Terrance Williams WR Baylor 6'3" 205lbs-

Many thought RG3 was the reason for his success. Maybe it's the opposite. 1764 yards and 12 TDs so far this season. Need I say more?

1B: Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame 6'6" 251lbs-

Kendricks has played well when given a chance by the o-line. Eifert would add a big playmaker to the offense. He can block well also. 2 weapons for Sam Bradford in the first round. Yay!

2A: Barret Jones G/C/T Alabama 6'5" 311lbs-

Versatile. Can play any position on the o-line. Plays C now and makes all the line calls for protection/blocking schemes.

2B: Dallas Thomas G/T Tennessee 6'5" 310lbs-

Dallas would start as the Rams LG. He is also versatile in that he can play G/T. He could stand to gain 15 pounds for the NFL but has had some good games against top talent. Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi State

3: Da'Rick Rodgers WR Tennessee Tech 6'3" 208lbs-

His stock has dropped due to a failed drug test and being kicked off Tennessee Tech. Sound familiar? Talent too high to pass up here.

4: Le'Veon Bell RB Michigan State 6'2" 238lbs-

With Jackson going to a Superbowl team like GB or PIT, Bell steps in to take over the workload at RB. He has concerns about quickness at the NFL level. Thank God we have D Rich and Pead as speed guys.

5: Kyle Long G/T Oregon 6'7" 311lbs-

Howie is his dad. Chris is his brother. Howie has said Kyle was the most athletic of the bunch. Need I say more?

6: Mike Taylor OLB Wisconsin 6'2" 222lbs-

He needs to be on an NFL diet and gym regimen to bulk up. Could serve as depth behind JL55, Dunbar, McIntosh, and Jabarra Williams (he's on the PS).

7: Seantrel Henderson OT Miami 6'8" 345lbs-

Huge man but very athletic. Injury history and off field issues could drop him quite a bit. He's a steal at this point IMO.

Well there you have it. No defense until the 6th round you say? This may be a little unrealistic but if the offense could score 28 points a game they would be 12-3-1. If they scored 25 points a game they would be 10-6. Both get us in the playoffs for a chance at the Superbowl. We get our S and OLB in free agency. I'd go all in on offense to get us a spot in the playoffs next year. Thanks for reading and leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Oline: Saffold-Thomas-Wells-Dahl-Jones WR: Williams-Givens-Quick-Rogers-Gibson-Pettis TE: Lance Kendricks-Tyler Eifert RB: Le'Veon Bell-D Rich-Pead S: Mikell-Jairus Byrd LB: Dunbar-JL55-Spencer

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