Mock draft yeah

We let go of:

Dahl-Terrible, Supposed to be good against the run, even at that he fails miserably. Don't want this guy.

Mikell-Eghhh. He's alright, too expensive for me bra. Trade would be nice too, for a mid rounder, we know what Les can do with another 4th or 6th or 7th.

Richardson-Fat. No technique. Gets mauled by speed rushers. Don't need him here really.

Justin Cole-Never saw him on the field Lol. Bye

Matt Conrath-Had knee injury, seems like was never back to normal. Oh we'll bye

Rocky Mcintosh- need cap space, backup OLB are very easy to find

Steve smith- what a disappointment

Sam Reworks his contract and saves us like 4 million

we now have around 20 mill cap space


steven Jackson- heart, soul and muscle of this offense

Danny Amendola- keep this guy, he lost a couple million the last few weeks, but still pay 4 mill a year maybe 5

Kellen Clemens- nice 3rd string QB, teach Sam a few things ehh

Bradley Fletcher-cornerback depth is key

Brandon Gibson-Sam needs Gibson: he migh be inconsistent, but that's good enough because next year he won't be a starter

Mario hagan- depth

Trevor laws- depth

William Hayes- stud, underrated

Free agent signings-

duatin Keller- nice pass catching tight end, don't need to look in draft for tight end now

Daryl Smith- the OLB that we so desperately need. Helps us a lot on defense


1.16) Chance Warmack OG Alabama- best offensive Gaurd prospect in years, would automatically make big holes for Steven Jackson, Pead, Ganaway, Richardson and my rookie draft pick to go through. Excellent pass blocker too, athletic and won't struggle against bull rush from The strong DT in this league. He will also help with facing the cheating 49ers, he won't let Justin Smith grab him, I promise you.

TRADEEE!!!! Why? How?

well les realizes that he can't really take an OT, WR at 21 because all the top OT are gone and its to early to pick Patterson who is the only one left. Who is the trade partner?The colts,Snead gets there first, and a Third. the reason this makes sense is there in dear need of pass rushers, Freeney doesn't fit the system, and age is taking over Mathis and Freeney

1.25) Cordarelle Patterson WR Tennessee- he might now run the most polished routes, but wow he is talented, fast and strong. He can contribute right away with his kick returning ability and being able to make people miss, just give him the ball and he might GO.

2.16) Oday Aboushi OT Virginia- very athletic, can one day become an elite LT prospect. He gets sloppy with technique. Boo can fix him up in training camp, starting RT from day one.

3.16) Baccari Rambo S Georgia- great in pass coverage: SO so in run support but that won't really matter as our Dline and lb core will probably stop our opponents to 1 yard gains. Great instincts, right place at the right time. All over the field player, when you watch Georgia its hard not to notice him.

3.25) Robert Lester S Alabama- ohhhhhhhhhh I just did take 2 great safeties and made them our starters from day one. Lester had a terrible year, at least compared to 2011, he will be fine in my eyes, can really do it all in terms of coverage and run d. Steal of the draft IMO.

4.16) best running back available

5) bpa

6) bpa

7) punter

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