2013 Mock Draft

This mock draft does not account for any offseason moves except Craig Dahl and Barry Richardson are shown the door.

1A: Jake Matthews (OT) Texas A&M

Matthews would play right tackle for us with the ability to move to the left side next year or if Saffold gets hurts again. Matthews played extreamely well against SEC defenses and will only continue to improve in the NFL with our staff.

1B: Eric Reid (S) LSU

Eric Reid took a step back this year but still is a quality safety prospect with a lot of upside. He would start next to Mikell making our defense almost complete. He would be a huge upgrade from Dahl.

2. Da' Rick Rodgers (WR) Tennessee Tech

Rodgers could be the most complete wide receiver in this draft and would be a 1st round pick if not for getting kicked out of Tennessee. He is fast, strong, great hands, and very athletic and could be the number 1 receiver Bradford needs.

3. Chase Thomas (OLB) Stanford

Our defense is now complete. Thomas is good in coverage and a great pass rusher. He is athletic and is quick off the edge. Our defense is now young, tough, and ready to kick ass.

4. Marcus Lattimore (RB) South Carolina

I won't go into the whole "Lattimore would be a 1st round pick if he didn't keep injuring his knees" talk as everyone has already heard it. This is a value pick more than anything. If he can stay healthy then we could have the best 3 pronged rushing attack in the NFL. If he gets injured and does not work out? Well then we gambled and lost a fourth round pick.

5. Braden Hanson (G/C) BYU

A mid round project for Fisher and Boudreau to improve. He can play both guard and center and did well at both. He did struggle against Notre Dame but with our coaching staff, I believe they can improve him enough to be a quality backup for a year or two and eventually take over Dahl or Wells.

6. TJ Moe (WR) Missouri

A clone of Amendola. He has great hands, runs great routes, very good short area quickness, but is not the most athletic like Amendola. Moe had a down statistical year mainly because of the quarterback injuries Missouri dealt with. He could also return punts and kicks for us.

7: Ray Ray Armstrong (S) N/A

All the physical talent with little production and off the field issues. If Fisher can keep Armstrong under control and help him reach his ceiling than in a year or two he could take over for Mikell and help us have the best defense in the league.

What do you think?

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