Mock with Trades and Time Travel!!!!!!!!!

Well im a little bored and have been looking at tons of mocks today so decided to do a new mock with a new trade.

First, got two things to mention.

1. Schotty becomes new HC of the Jags!!!! Grats Schotty. Norv Turner becomes our new OC!!!!
2. We some how sign Clady to be our new LT and move Saffold to RT. I know we dont have much cap room, but Kevin makes it happen so ask him how we did it, i have no clue. Man is a genius though.

Now lets get to the trades(yes i said trades)!!!!!!
Trade #1

Mike Munchak calls up his old Pal Jeff Fisher on draft day, minutes before the Rams are on the clock!! I had to get my time machine out of the garage and travel to the future to get this transcript.

Munch- Hi Jeff!!!

Fisher- Sup Munch!!!

Munch- Hows it going? Man this HC thing is tough, i think im in over my head. My hairs falling out, i cant sleep. I ran out of Xanex but CJ knows a guys or something. Dont know how you did this for 17 years!!! Bud Adams is a control freak!!!(at this point Munch starts crying a little)

Fisher- calm down Munch, it will be ok. Cant really talk, in the middle of the draft remember....

Munch- oh right(drys tears and sniffles), thats why i called. We really want Chance Warmack and was wondering if youd want to work out a trade for your #16 since hes still on the board. I wanted to pick him at #10 but Bud made me take K. Allen since Britt is in jail.

Fisher- hmmm, we really like Warmack too though, and we really want to protect Sammy.

Snead- yea Munch, we love Warmack, would take something special to give up that spot!!Dont know if we can do that.(winks at Fisher)

Munch- (sniffling again), please oh please!!!remember all the good times we had in Tennesse Jeff!!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!! Ill give you our 2nd round(40), 3rd round(72) and next years 2nd!!! please oh please!!! if i dont get him Buddy is gonna make me give him another sponge bath!!!!

Snead- hmmm, thats not bad.

Sneads hair- Throw in a 2014 4th round pick and you got a deal!!

Munch- omg yes!!!! fine , anything you want guys!! thank you so much!!!!!

Fisher- no problem Munch, you be good.

Bud Adams in backround- Munch, is that Jeff on the phone, tell him i said hi!!!

Fisher- (hangs up phone)

So now the Rams just picked up a few more picks. Fisher and Snead are at it again!!!
Now let's jump ahead to #22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trade #2

Rams are almost on the clock again for pick #22 when the phone rings. It's their dear old comrade Schotty!!!!!!!

This is a reenactment of the beginning of the convo. Hired actors and everything!!


Didnt have enough money for the actual draft trade portion part of the video so i got in my trusty time machine again and traveled to the future to get the transcript. After they said there hellos, the rest of the convo went like this:

Schotty- man i miss the Rams, these Jags have less talent then the 11' Rams!!!! its horrendous!! And Shad is really creepy guys, keeps asking me if his stache is sexier then yours Jeff!! Even makes me touch it daily!!


Schotty- Well anyways, since your almost up again with the 22nd pick, was wondering if youd want to trade it for the #33 and #66? I really want to draft a new QB and Barkley is still on board and dont want someone to grab him before #33. You know how i love those USC quarterbacks.

Fisher's Mustache- hmmmmmmmmmm, i think you should take the deal guys.

Fisher- I concur

Snead- I concur as well

Norv Turner- I LIKE PUDDING!!!!!!

Snead- thats nice Norv.

Fisher- Ok Schotty, you got yourself a deal!! Good luck down there in Jacksonville, and im sure Barkley is gonna do great for you guys!!!!

Fisher covers up the phone and Snead and him laugh for a minute.

Schotty- (still gushing and rambling about how thankful he is)

Fisher/Snead- Good luck Schotty, talk to you later.

Kroenke- And tell Shad "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA the Rams are mine!!!! suck on it Jags boy!!!"(hangs up)

Interesting conversation i know. But we got an extra pick!!!

Now we have three 2nd round picks and three 3rd round picks!!!! Craziness at its finest.

Thats 10 picks this year!!! Count em 10!!!!!
And also an extra 2014 2nd and 4th. good times :)

So heres the selections

Deandre Hopkins, WR, Clemson
6'1, 200 lbs
Hopkins started the 2012 season on fire. He became the No. 1 receiver for Clemson as Sammy Watkins started the year suspended and was slow to return to his freshman form. Hopkins picked up the slack and became the top receiver for Tajh Boyd. Had consistent production all season and torched LSU to end the year with 13 receptions for 191 yards and two scores. Hopkins made huge plays to help lead Clemson to a comeback victory. Hopkins totaled 1,405 yards on 82 catches and 18 touchdowns in 2012. He burned defenses with his deep speed while showing reliable hands and good route running.

Matt Elam, S, Florida
5'10, 205 lbs
Elam is my favorite Safety prospect, dude hits like a tank and is an absolute playmaker!!!!!
Elam was clutch for the Gators all year, but had a coming out party against LSU. He had seven tackles with a forced fumble that turned the game for Florida and took away a long pass play inside the Gators' 30-yard line. Elam had some big plays to prevent some possible touchdowns against Texas A&M. He was huge against Tennessee with 10 tackles, one sack, one pass break up and an interception. The junior also had good games versus Georgia, Missouri and Florida State. Elam has 65 tackles, 10 tackles for a loss, five passes broken up, four interceptions and one forced fumble this season. He has been excellent in run defense, pass defense and laying out some massive hits.

Zach Erts, TE, Stanford
6'6, 245 lbs
Ertz played really well this season and was Stanford's leading receiver. He totaled 69 receptions for 898 yards and six touchdowns. Ertz improved his blocking in 2012, too. He had massive day against Washington and California. This season could have been even more productive if the Cardinal had had consistent quarterback play. He had a huge game against Oregon, 11-106, including a remarkable touchdown catch to force overtime.

Larry Warford, G, Kentucky
6'3, 340 lbs
Kentucky was terrible in 2012, but Warford was very good. He opened up holes in the ground game and performed well in pass protection. Warford is a better athlete and quicker than one would think. He had an impressive senior season. Warford battled well against Florida and defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd. Warford played even better against Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson, shutting down the latter's pass rush. The plays that the Missouri standout had success on only came when he went against other offensive linemen.Warford is also a good pass-blocker. He is strong at the point of attack and can push defensive linemen around. The senior has underrated speed and quickness for his size. Warford, Warmack and Bailey are all very comparable prospects who should turn into solid starters at guard in the NFL.

Khaseem Greene, OLB, Rutgers
6'1, 230 lbs
Greene has totaled 125 tackles, 5.5 sacks, six forced fumbles, five passes batted, two interceptions and 10.5 tackles for a loss this season. He has been tremendous for Rutgers and is the leader of the defense. Needs to add a little weight, but can start for us right away.

Bacarri Rambo, S, Georgia
6'0, 218 lbs
Double dippin into the Safety pool!!!!
Rambo was suspended for the first four games this season. He has been excellent for Georgia sine coming back. In nine games, Rambo has totaled 67 tackles, three interceptions, one sack and three forced fumble. He had an impressive game against Florida with a sack and interception. Rambo played well against Georgia Tech and Alabama. He is a first-round talent, but the off-the-field issues knock him out of it.

Daniel McCullers, DT, Tennessee
6'8, 360 lbs
The mammoth McCullers was a presence for Tennessee. He had a good game against Florida with three tackles and a tackle for a loss. McCullers also had some pass pressure versus the Gators. He totaled 39 tackles, 5.5 tackles for a loss, a pass broken up, a forced fumble and a blocked kick in 2012. McCullers is still raw, but he could turn into something special.

Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU
5;9, 175 lbs
Ahhh, the ever dangerous Honey Badger!!!!Kills two birds with one stone, we get some CB depth, and get our new KR/PR!!!(Dri Archer is going back to school or i would be picking him here). We all know about Mathieu and his off-field troubles and getting kicked out of LSU, but the kid is a playmaker so Fishead draft the guy.

Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina
6'0, 218 lbs
We all know how good Lattimore is when healthy, and we all know his leg go turned into Craig Dahl(a worthless rubberband) after that hit he took. Fishead dont mind taking risks and feel the reward far outweighs the risk in this situation, much like the Mathieu pick.

Tarvarres King, WR, Georgia
6'1, 191 lbs
Yet another WR!!!!! really? yup!!!! at one point with the Titans, they drafted 6 wr's in 3 years(3,1,2), so why not get another two wr's?
King had 42 receptions for 950 yards and eight touchdowns in 2012. He had some disappointing games as a senior. King was shut out by Florida and had underwhelming performances against South Carolina and Tennessee. He stepped up in the SEC Championship with five receptions for 142 yards against Alabama.

So there it is!!! Thanks for reading!!

Disclaimer: If any Picks are wrong when the draft comes around i probably went into an alternate universe when using my time machine. So although the picks might be wrong in this universe, they are right in another!!


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