Who is Keeperskillz24? He's mocking?

So first off i've been a member for about 3 years now off and on always checking the site (almost a AA intro). And you might ask why the username? Well in middle school I created it because i played goalkeeper in soccer and all throughout high school and it's easy to remember for my social accounts. Now that's out of the way we can dig into this thing we call a draft and may i say I've caught the bug the past 2 days. Note to readers I wasn't the greatest English student and could have used Doug's publishing skills. Lets get into it.

1A Chance Warmack.

This is an obvious choice for me we have needs basically everywhere on the line and why not get the best guy in that category. He is just pure Dominance and could be a pro bowler for years to come. Everyone knows the deal with him not really a surprise pick.

1B Tyler Eifert.

Some are on board for this young man who was ND's only bright spot in the bowl. By the way what do weed and Notre Dame have in common? They both get smoked in Bowls! I really shouldn't have but alright we select Tyler due to the fact there is no impact receivers worth rounds 1-3 excluding Tyler and Ertz. I think we are all aware of what Tyler brings and will agree he would be a upgrade in our passing game and give sam a blanket in case Danny gone.

2nd round Chase Thomas.

This is where it starts getting different. Chase is a monster linebacker plain and simple. He would be a upgrade at SLB no doubt and has a knack for knocking the ball loose. Just like the 2nd on JL55 this pick just makes sense on a smart athletic SLB.

3rd round. Baccari Rambo

It is very likely we will have 2 new starters at safety come game 1. Baccari has one of the coolest if not coolest in the draft so you have to take that into consideration. Not to mention so appropriate when he decleats someone to have Rambo on his jersey. Everyone knows the scoop on this fella as well I'm not going to copy and paste his bio from walter or some site. He's just an impact player who is in the right place at the right time.

4th round. Brennan Williams.

He is a very interesting tackle he's a RT through and through and has potential (not day one) to be a league starter. I think when the rams free up some cap space they will make a move for a serviceable RT who is a stop gap til they find a long term solution. We will have an upgrade from Richardson at this position I believe.

5th round. Connor Vernon

Interesting receiver out of Duke. Been Solid since freshman year and holds ACC for most receiving yards ever. Some of you might know him I'll add a video for those who don't. But I'm comfortable taking a gamble on this kid he deserves a serious look. Look on the bottom of the page for his video? I'm still figuring this out I'm no doug that's for sure. But let me know what you think of him.

6th round. Jordan Kovacs

walk on safety at Michigan a really neat story this kid deserves some recognition he is a ball of fire I'd LOVE to have him. I'm starting to get drowsy so i'll let the video do the talking and you guys can look him up.PLEASE DONT PASS HIM

7th round.Montori Hughes

Heard him talked about a little on TST he is a trouble maker but he is a huge guy who in my opinion IF he works his butt off he could make the cut.

You can look at my signature and see this mock line up. But I really wanted to get Feedback like everyone else and kind of re introduce my self I haven't done to many Fan posts recently. Well I'm getting tired and I think I have enough words to "publish" this Grammar nightmare

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