Armchair GM 2.0

My how things have changed since Armchair GM 1.0! In that version, completed at the midpoint of the year, I had us picking 7th. Now, we are picking at 16. That, friends, is a fine second half of a season.

In this edition, I have made several changes and will offer explanations along the way.


I used Walter Football's most recent mock to determine potential picks. We are selecting at 16 and 22 in that mock. I have kept the 22nd pick in place. I assume all picks prior to our selection to be off the board.

Free Agency

1) Steven Jackson--I would offer something along the lines of a 2yr/5mil deal. If SJ doesn't agree to that amount, I let him walk.

2) Danny Amendola--I expect DA to receive no less than $5 million per year in a new contract. It would not surprise me to see this figure exceed $7 per year. I would not pay DA this amount. I let him walk.

3) Brandon Gibson--I try to re-sign BG. I would offer him a 3/5 contract.

4) Likely, I would not pursue any high priced free agents. We will lose players that contributed significantly such as Fletcher CB, Hayes DE, Tucker C, etc. Those three specifically will likely find starting roles on a different team. We will have a number of gaps to fill. So, I just don't see us being able to afford anyone w/ a big price tag.


1A) Chance Warmack G--It's not a sexy pick, but it fills a huge weakness on the OL with a spectacular talent.

1B) Tyler Eifert TE--I think this pick is great for a few reasons. Kendricks had a nice year. Having the opportunity to slide him to TE2 gives our offense many new options. It helps our receivers. It helps our running game. Sam gets a very nice toy.

2) DJ Fluker OT--It was difficult to pass up E Reid at this pick, but Fluker completes our line. He starts as a natural RT.

3) Bacarri Rambo S--I think we have all seen enough of C Dahl. Rambo had 8 interceptions last season and brings a nice ballhawking presence to the safety position.

4-7) I would take BPA w/ an emphasis on CB, WR, OLB, DL.


With the addition of a late round WR, our group would be similar to this year's. However, bear in mind that we have used 4 draft picks on wideouts over the last two seasons. This draft would make 5. Gibson is still young. Clearly Pettis, Quick, and Givens are young. With the addition of a top level TE and another rookie WR, we can be serviceable with this group. I would look to add a veteran FA to fill out the roster.

With the additions of a blue chip guard, a blue chip TE, and a nice OT, our line should be solid if not outright dominant. Our current group of QB, WRs, and RBs should all instantly become more effective.

It's still early. Many things will change. We still need to see who becomes eligible, how the combine results turn out, etc. But, at this point, what would you do if you're the GM?

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