Yet another unreasonable mock draft.

One thing is certain; this front office has made the effort to improve the team from a talent standpoint. That being said, with limited free cap space, and some key cogs potentially leaving, I'll assume that Jackson, Amendola, and Gibson have all earned at least one more year. I'm also going to assume that Craig Dahl sticks around for one more season, seeing as how Fisher looked past his obvious deficiencies:

What follows is a (fictional) conversation that took place between head coach Jeff Fisher and TST's favorite whipping boy, Craig Dahl.


Coach Fisher is sitting at a large mahogany desk, in an ornate office. The walls are lined with photos, awards, etc. Craig Dahl knocks on the door, and Coach Fisher waves him in. Dahl sits across the desk from coach.

Jeff Fisher: Craig, this isn't easy. But we need to talk. You know that you have to cover guys, right?

Craig Dahl: Cover guys?? Coach, I don't swing that way.

JF: No, no, not like that. I mean, you, as a safety, have a responsibility to at least attempt to prevent the pass from getting into the hands of the receiver.

CD: (confused) You want me to hold his hand? I told you coach, that's not my bag.

JF: (visibly frustrated) Craig, have you ever covered anyone? Ever? In the history of you playing football?

CD: (picks his nose, removes something disgusting from one of his nostrils, stares intently at his handiwork)

JF: Dahl? Are you listening? (puts head in hands in frustration) Craig, we have to do something about your issues (looks up, sees nothing on CD's finger) -- Did you just eat your booger?

CD: ...

JF: Get out of here. (CD leaves, closing the door to the coach's office) Man, if only we didn't get plastered and get these sweet matching Ram tatts, he'd be gone forever. (Fisher rolls up sleeve to reveal a tattoo that reads "C. Dahl and J Fish, Rams 4 LYFE)


As you can see in the factual exchange above, Dahl is sticking around, maybe on a one year deal. As for his partner in crime, Mikell will be a cap casualty. He's played well enough to justify a decent salary, but not 6MM, not on this team. Also, Fisher has a history of selecting defensive backs in the early rounds of the draft, and he will attempt to replace the overpaid safety this spring.

Also, I don't know if anyone else has entertained the idea...and maybe because it's a foolish one, but here goes. Remember when Harvey Dahl kicked out to tackle and played well? Me too. Let's put him out on the right edge, and plug Rok in at RG. Hell, he was given the starting nod at LG before he got hurt. I imagine the "power" side of our line with Rok and Dahl would run block pretty well. That fixes the right side of the line, leaving us with only one OL position to pick in the draft.

RD 1 - 16 - Trade! I think Barkevious Mingo be an intriguing prospect in the mid-first, and the Bengals, seeing a pass rusher, would like to leapfrog the Steelers, Cowboys, and Giants, all of whom could use a pass rusher. In exchange, the Rams would pick up their first (1-21) and their first second rounder (2-5, from Oakland, procured in the Carson Palmer trade).

RD 1 - 20 Chance Warmack, G, Alabama - We all know Jeff Fisher's history regarding taking linemen early. That being said, LG is a glaring weakness along the O-line. Warmack is a dominant guard, said to be a better prospect than last year's "once-in-a-generation" guard, David DeCastro, who went around this spot last spring. Warmack's presence automatically upgrades the line with a combo of Saffold-Warmack-Wells-Rok-Dahl.

RD 1 - 21 Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame - Eifert is the best TE in the class, and will be a valuable receiving option for Bradford. With Kendricks really excelling in the blocking TE role, and Amendola's health constantly in question, we could surely use another weapon in the middle of the field. Eifert is a huge target, at 6'6", 250+. He's great in the red zone, electric down the seam, and an ever-improving blocker.

RD 2 - 5 Eric Reid, S, LSU - Reid is one of my favorite players in the draft. With the loss of high profile playmakers, Claiborne, Brockers, Matthieu, etc, LSU's defense was expected to regress a tad. What scouts will see is an excellent size/speed package that's a vicious tackler and sound cover man. He's an immediate upgrade at S and could have a profound impact on the performance of the entire defense.

RD 2 - 16 - Sylvester Williams, DT, UNC - Williams, a Jefferson City, MO product, is a solid pass rusher from the DT position. He'd propel an excellent DL into a nightmarish one. He had 6 sacks this year. At over 320 lbs, he'd be a lot to run at standing next to either Brockers or Langford. Fisher has shown a desire to further strengthen areas of strength, and the defensive line could be next.

RD 3 - 16 - Ricky Wagner, OT, Wisc. - Wagner is nimble for a big fella, and could be a long term replacement for Dahl at RT (in this scenario). I'd like to see the FO bring in a lineman to groom for a year or two. Wagner could be that guy.

Hey, why didn't you pick up a WR or OLB?

I'd like to see another year out of Quck/Givens before investing a high pick on a WR. Also, with the stellar play of Dunbar, and hopefully a better JL (with improved safety help), the FO can afford to wait on the OLB position, or slowly bring along a late rounder.

Hey, why didn't you finish the draft?

It's one of two things: Either A; upon seeing this scenario play out, every other team just gave up, and there was no need to continue, or B; I don't know enough about the late round prospects to judge.

One more thing:

Long Live the 'Stache!


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