TST Roundtable: Will The Rams Beat The Lions

August 30, 2012; St. Louis, MO, USA; Baltimore Ravens running back Damien Berry (28) is tackled by St. Louis Rams defensive back Quinton Pointer (33) during the second half at the Edward Jones Dome. The Rams won 31-17. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE

It's SUNDAY!!!! Which means, a new start and a new season. This game will be an interesting one, since the youngest team in the league will be playing the oldest. Or you can say that a young, and hopefully up and coming team, will be playing a good Lions team.

It's almost time for football, and since it's Sunday I asked the writers for Turf Show Times, a very simple question, will the Rams beat the Lions? So after the jump, you will get your answer.

Mike D @dvond

They will not win, the offense cannot take advantage of the Lions pass defense weakness and the Rams secondary will be ripped apart by the Lions passing game as it will take some time to work well as a unit.

DouglasM @Thenovelroad

NOT - Detroit is a team that has too many weapons on offense. Brandon Pettigrew is going to have a stellar day at TE. Combined with Calvin Johnson, who will need double coverage involving our suspect Safeties, the Lions will be tough to stop. Many will discount the Detroit running game, but it will be there when they need it. Our best chance at winning will come from our defense's ability to get to the quarterback. If Long and Quinn are shut down, Matt Safford could have a career day. Our offense will need to stay on the field longer than they have in the preseason. The Rams will need to slow the game down, and not miss 3rd down opportunities when they present themselves. Steven Jackson will need a 150 rushing yard/2 TD effort for the Rams to have a chance for the win.

Papapegasus @ Papapegasus

I giggled when I read this question. As a fan I have hope for a win. Objectively I say no chance. The Rams will give the Lions some fits, sort of like a pesky batter who is difficult to strike out. But at the end of the day, the combination of Megatron, Titus Young, and an aggressive defense will spell victory for the cats from rock city.

Brandon Birkhead @birktothehead

No, too much Stafford, too much Megatron. Rams won't be able to keep up.

3K @3k_

I'll say no. Away game + no Brockers + so many rookies = loss. Hopefully the silver linings are blatant enough that we're not already caving in.

Eddie P @iAmMrEddieP

No. The Madden Curse will have no effect on Megatron.

Joe Mazzi @Joe__Mazzi

I'll be pleasantly surprised if they just cover the spread, which currently sits at +10 points. The Rams will be getting a huge test on defense right off the bat against a quarterback (Matt Stafford) who threw for more than 5,000 yards and 41 touchdowns last season. As good as Finnegan is, Calvin Johnson simply cannot be covered. I'd love for Bradford to even the score with 2010 No. 2 overall pick, Ndamukong Suh, but it won't happen this year.

Josh Wehrle @jmwehrle

No, because the Lions are just the better team with home field advantage.

Rick Siegel on TST @RSiegel81

I actually love the Rams chances against the Lions. They match up really, really well against Detroit. They don't have a great pass rush. They don't have any healthy running backs to exploit the Rams porous run defense. Their WRs just go two-deep, unless you fear Nate Burleson. Finally, their run defense is just plain bad. Jackson/Pead/Richardson will see a ton of action, the Rams will shorten the game, and end up falling just a bit short, 24-21.


No. Uh uh. They've got an extremely potent offense, and I don't see our defense improving that vastly [in the next week] from when we were picked apart in Dallas. Also, if we could stop Megatron, we'd have a better chance. The problem is that we can't. No one can...

VTramsFan @PeterDunbar

This is a no brainer here. Nope. We're just too young, plain and simple. Detroit also has a stifling D and with our O-Line issues, if Sam gets out of this without injury I'd be thrilled. I'd LOVE to see us win, but in Detroit for their home opener, us being very young, o-line struggles, new systems... ain't happnin'. Sorry if I dissapoint the uber optimistic.

Tevin Broner @T_Bron

Yup, don't know how, but I hope so. I think realistically, week two we will get our first win. But if the Madden Curse is real, who knows.

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