2012 Fantasy Football - Finding Ogletree


When Kevin Ogletree left Giants Stadium on Wednesday night, he was not just the hero of the day for the Dallas Cowboys. He started a Fantasy Football wild fire. Adds and Drops began after his first touchdown, and by the time he'd gathered in his second TD he became the hottest Fantasy Football commodity of the new season. In Yahoo leagues alone, Ogletree was picked up by over 169,000 teams by the afternoon on Thursday and the number is probably growing even now.

It got to me to thinking, which most people tend to not want me to do for some odd reason?. When I called DCRamFan, his wife answered the phone. When she asked me what I wanted, I explained I'd been thinking. That's as far as I got. She screamed something unintelligible about the end of the world, dropped the phone, and from the sounds coming through the receiver it sounded like she ran into a wall? I never got to talk to DC, so I called my good friend Sean over at numberFire.com. If you don't know about this site, GOOD! Especially if you're in one of my FF leagues. This small start up company came up with an algorithm to predict FF points, and they're damn good at it. SBNation has partnered up with them on a variety of projects too. Anyway, when Sean came on the line, he was soooo happy to hear from me that he groaned, which was followed by a giddy, almost nervous laugh. I have that kind of effect on people I guess?

"Sean, buddy ol' pal, I need an Ogletree. Can you fire up your whatcha-dinger thinga-ma-jig and find me one?" I knew I could count on Sean. He must have known by now the small fire that happened the last time I visited their corporate headquarters was an accident that could happen to anybody, right?

"How did you get this number," Sean looked out the window of his office. "Are you in town? The judge told you..."

"Sorry Sean, I'm still in New Mexico. But I can hop on a plane and be there in the morning if you need me to give you guys some Fantasy Football advice. Did you guys fix those faulty fire sprinklers by the way? A Yugo backfiring out in front of your building shouldn't have caused them to go off..."

"Your crappy car lit the bushes on fire! The smoke came in through the open windows and that's why the..."

"Always blamin' the Yugo... Look, all I need is a few good FF sleeper picks for my article. Find me some good ones, and I swear I'll take a cab next time I visit." I made a crossing motion over my heart.

"If you promise to only visit when I'm out of town, I'll get you a great list of sleepers." Sean crossed his fingers.

Well, I agreed, though I'm kind of hurt he thinks I wouldn't take a cab. So here you go, a great list of sleepers for your Week #1 Fantasy teams. Drop by numberFire if you get the time and tell the guys a Yugo sent you. They'll treat you right!

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