St. Louis Rams at Detroit Lions: Madden 13 Edition

As we all know, the new Madden came out last Tuesday and me, as well as millions of others made sure to pick it up on release day. Even if Rodger Saffold is still rated lower than Jason Smith, or if Greg The Leg only boasts a 64 ovr, I still can't help but to get my Madden fix every year.

With that said, I decided to have a little fun and simulate the Rams week 1 matchup against the Lions and to give a quick summary of how it played out.

And now the...

Rams First Drive

The game kicks off with the Rams at the 20 yard line after Hanson boots it out of the endzone to start the game. Our first drive started off with a nice pass to S. Smith, followed up by a few low gaining runs by Sjax before finally being capped off with a really bad interception by Sam Bradford.



Lions First Drive

The Lions get the ball on their own 40 and after a few drops by their players, they go 3 and out, and punt the ball back off to the Rams

Rams Second Drive

Sam again after another short gain by Sjax throws a nice pass to Steve Smith for a 21 yard gain. They follow it up with a nice run by Jackson for 16 yards before it all fizzles out and the Rams settle for a 47 yard FG by Zuerlein

End of 1st quarter



Lions Second Drive

The second quarter opens up with the Lions on their own 20 they kick it off with a long pass to Calvin Johnson for 33 yards on first down. Immediately after that, they get Pettigrew going across the middle for a nice net of yards, before again connecting with Megatron for a 20 yard gain.

On our 13 yard line now, their RB Kevin Smith loses a few yards on back to back running plays, before on 3rd down, Stafford lobs it up to Megatron for a Detroit Touchdown.



Rams Third Drive

We start off with good field position after a 24 yard return by Givens to get us to the DET 35. Sam opens up with a nice 8 yard pass to Steve Smith, before Sjax nets nothing on 2nd down, and Gibson drops a 3rd down pass. Rams attempt fake punt run and are unsuccessful...



Lions Third Drive

After the fake punt, the Lions get great field position on our 34 yard line with 2 minutes to go in the half. Stafford throws one up to CJ and he makes the catch between literally about 4 defenders (Seriously, he catches everything on this game).

Stafford then tries to get Titus Young coming across the middle but Mikell makes a great break on the ball and comes away with an interception with a return of 19 yards.

Rams Fourth Drive

A drop by Amendola and Gibson each before a 3 yard pass to BQ ends the drive very quickly.

Lions Fourth Drive

Stafford connects with Calvin Johnson, Pettigrew, and Burleson each, working themselves into our territory very quickly. With :32 seconds left, Stafford dumps off a quick screen to Kevin Smith for 9 yards, before an incomplete pass to Calvin, and the Lions end up settling for a field goal.

Halftime: Rams 3 and Lions 10

(Has to be a good thing to hold the Lions to only 10 points at halftime right?)



Steve Spagnuolo thinks so.

Lions Fifth Drive

The Lions get the ball after the half and they attempt to come out firing, but on first down Stafford gets sacked by Long. Immediately following that, Stafford throws in Nate Burleson's direction but is picked off by Janoris Jenkins, who then makes a quick move and returns it to the house!



Lions Sixth Drive

After the interception on the past series, the Lions come out running the ball with a 6 yard gain on 1st down and -4 yards on the 2nd. On 3rd down, Stafford completes a pass to Megatron, AGAIN, for a 12 yard gain and a first down. The Lions continue driving down the field mixing it up between runs and short passes before stalling just outside of the redzone and settling for a field goal, with the ensuing kickoff ending the third quarter with the Rams down 10-13.

Rams Fifth Drive

The Rams get the ball at the 29 now after another solid return by Givens. They open up with a few good runs with Sjax netting, 5 and 9 yards respectively, before airing it out. Lance Kendricks makes a good grab for about 5 yards on 2nd and short, followed up by an 11 yard catch by Danny Amendola for his first of the game as the Rams get deep in Detroit's territory. Sam then hits Gibson on the outside, and on 3rd and 5, hits Kendricks again on a post route getting all the way down to the 2 yard line. The very next play, Sjax gets the handoff, scores a touchdown, and the Rams are now up 17-13 with about a minute and a half to go in the game.



Lions Seventh And Final Drive

Zuerlein boots another kickoff into the endzone, and the Lions attempt to make a comeback with a little over a minute to go from their own 20. Stafford starts off the drive with a short pass to Brandon Pettigrew and on the next play goes deep for Megatron...BUT IT'S PICKED OFF BY MIKELL AGAIN! And the Rams pretty much seal the deal here.

Rams Final Drive

The Lions still have 3 time outs remaining, and the Rams pound the ball for a few first downs with Jackson and end the game with a final score of 17-13 for a Rams win!

Anyway, that's how Madden sees it, we'll see what actually happens this Sunday!

Let's go Rams!!!

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