Watched the Hawks - Packers game - Observations

1. The Hawk's defense is FAST. Their linebackers and DLine were faster than the Packers. The linebackers run really well and do very well in coverage. Good coverage plus the noise from the 12th man made Aaron Rodgers miserable all day. I think he was sacked 8 times or something crazy. Rodgers has a tendency to hold on to the ball and he paid for it last week. Bruce Irvin can rush the passer but Rodgers should have had the ball out already.

2. The Packers can't run the ball. In the first half, they needed to run the ball to slow down the rush and take advantage of the smaller rushers (Irvin and Clemons). Cedric Benson couldn't get anything going and McCarthy got away from the run. To begin the second half, Benson came out running hard and gashed the Hawks several times but he seemed to get tired and then couldn't do anything again.

3. The Hawks can't pass the ball. Russell Wilson doesn't have the look of good QB to me. He can't make tight sideline throws without winding up and tipping off where the ball is going. The Packers knocked down a lot of these throws. Here's hoping the Rams will catch some of them. Russell also has to throw the ball away a lot because he doesn't have the height and quick release needed. He does a good bit of scrambling but he still can't seem to complete a lot of passes once outside the pocket. Their one explosive play was a deep ball where Wilson was able to throw it into space and allow Tate to run under it. Other than that, the Hawks were bailed out on several drives by throwing the ball up and drawing phantom interference penalties. After watching the game, I really feel like the refs gave the game to the Seahawks. Before the "Fail Mary", the Hawks were bailed out on a phantom pass interference.

Keys for the Rams:

1. Run the ball! If the Rams can get a running game going, the Hawks defense won't be able to tee off on Bradford. When we do pass, get the ball out quick. No slow-developing McDaniels specials, please.

2. Stop the run!! Make Wilson (or the refs) beat us. Here is where Brockers needs to make an impact. Their center Unger is a beast in the run game. Also, I would like to see Quinn off the field on 1st and 2nd down to maximize the run D. Take away Lynch and I don't see the Seahawks O doing much. If the Rams can get a lead, the Hawks will have a tough time on O.

3. Protect the football. Enough said.

Prediction Time:

Rams over Hawks 23-13

Dome Field Advantage!

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