Thoughts on the Fisher Cuts.

First thing I'm getting from these cuts is that these guys are not afraid to cut recent picks. I was surprised by a few cuts including the Murphy and Gordy cuts.

Murphy hasn't done too much this preseason and has honestly looked a step slow out there at times. I thought he was tackling relatively well and looked physical but gave up an awful lot of completions not only this preseason but throughout his limited time as a Ram as proven by his 79 percent catch rate against opposing receivers.

I've noticed a trend with Rams fans on this site when it comes to cuts, specifically controversial ones. When a surprise cut is announced you get guys who will bash the player on his way out the door or you get the ones who will give you an honest opinion on how they felt about the cut: positive or negative.

--With Murphy I liked the pick at the time and still thought he could have helped on special teams and continue to develop as a corner with this team. I wasn't upset with the cut but a little surprised as I felt Pointer has yet to do enough to win a roster spot over Murphy. The guy will find another team and I wish him the best but we'll see how this one plays out. Fish and Co watch these guys a lot more than I do so I leave this up to them.

--Gordy was another surprise cut because I felt it was a bit early to cut him and I felt he would have a role on this team as a nickel or dime guy.The one preseason game we saw him in I thought he did an admirable job for his part.

--The Salas trade brought a mixed bag of emotions from me. I thought he had real value in the future as an alternate slot receiver for us. It was obvious that Salas had fell out of favor with the coaching staff. They gave him reps with every tier of team we have including the first team and apparently he didn't bring enough to the table. I won't mourn the loss of the guy because he just wasn't a significant player to the point where you felt he was going to change any games and you could say that for a few other players on here as well.

Say what you want about Gibson, he stays healthy and gives you an occasional play here and there. The problem I think fans have with Gibson is that they expect or expected more out of him than what they should. Gibson is what he is and that's a possession receiver who can get you a few first downs/game if he has others to take the pressure off of him. He shows up in camp ready to play and earns spots with his play in camp. You can't knock the guy for that. Lets see what Gibson does when we get other legitimate offensive threats to take the eye off of him. If you take Gibson for what he is you realize he is not bad to have as a receiver if hes lower on the depth chart. Its when he starts that you have problems because he doesn't bring enough of a consistent target as a number one or two.

Fisher and Snead seem to have the approach of if you come out in practice and the games and perform, you will be rewarded whether thats a roster spot or a move up on the depth chart. That is evidenced by guys like Pointer, McNeil (who i really like) and Mccleod making the team and guys like Clemens being displaced in favor of unproven but talented guys like Davis.

I like this approach because when you are the youngest team in the league with the record that we have had in the past and the noticeable lack of talented players and weapons. You need to put the best on the field.

The Rams are sitting pretty the next few years with a multitude of high draft picks and a core group of players that form the leagues youngest team.

I predict a rough season for the Rams, especially initially but if these young guys can stay healthy and take these losses in stride and as learning opportunities then we are going to not only make a winning football team, but a winning program as well.

Looking forward to the season as im seeing enough talent to compete and sneak up on a few teams, and it will only get better as we proceed into the new era.

Expect a LOT of rookie mistakes but flashes of the future as well.

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