Turf Show Times: Ramdude's RAMblins 9/15

Mike Shanahan: Post Elway and
especially during the "McNabb era"

Welcome to NFL Week 2 (and Saturday of course). Let's get down to it.

Here's an article from the Redskins web site by Brian Tinsman featuring a couple of former Ram-ites - London Fletcher (who's 190 years old and can still kick your pa toot) and Rams Park hedge trimmer and part time coach, Jim Haslett . They're both playing nice now, but that will change soon enough.

I have a "peaceful easy feeling" (sorry Eagles) about this upcoming game. It's not that I necessarily think we will win or that I hope we'll win - which I do - or I have any idea what the score will be. It's just a feeling that we WILL win. Can't pin it down, but it may be based on one or more of the following, especially after finally seeing a replay of parts of the Detroit game on NFL Network.

So, here are possible reasons for my good vibrations listed in no particular order:

1) In spite of injuries and lack of continuity, both O and D lines played better than I would have ever expected for most of the game based on our past experience.

Now, happy as a clam with RGIII

2) Jenkins and Finnegan - on FI-YA!

3) Who was that WR # 11? He's supposed to suck in the regular season.

4) Sam actually looked like he was starting to recover from last year - starting. His game is still in intensive care but has a very strong pulse.

5) Detroit was legitimately back on it's heels until the last couple of minutes when we folded like a cheap fabric sleep shelter and let them back in the game.

6) Young GZ - kid is ice. The next Lil' Honey Badger?????

7) Fish - his preparation of the team for the last game, handling of the game (except for the last minutes) and post game demeanor are something we haven't seen - maybe ever in St Louis - just a calm, focused determination. No tears (not that there's anything wrong with that), no duh, no clapping - just focus. These young guys played above what we could have ever expected in their first real game against a strong opponent.

8) The point spread this week opened at 3 points and hasn't budged in spite of all the RGTrois hoopla and Washington's thrashing of the Saints. To me, that's a great sign that we've turned a corner. We've got more bus tracks on our backs from the last several years than a NYC street, and we never used to get that much "love" (and didn't deserve it either). Let's face it, nobody considers the EJD a scary place to play - yet. That will come. So I'm cool with the 3.

No reason - just thought it was funny

Other than the blow-up at the end, I think my biggest negative was lack of yardage by SJ39. 53 yards on 21 attempts is pretty sad (2.5 ypc). We've got to get that fixed. A solid, cohesive line will do it. Steven can do the rest. Where have I heard that before?

So, I look forward to seeing the Fisher machine in action once again - and RGIII getting to meet Quinn and Long up close and personal. Just hope my feelings don't get hurt.

This Guy?

Is this supposed to sell footballs or Thrift Shop suits?

Like him? Love him? Hate him? Fear him? Puzzled by him? Or just plain creeped out by him? Not sure myself, but like a car wreck, I can't look away no matter how hard I try. On the other hand, I was already in the check out line with a full cart of FUTBAUGH. So he's not having any impact on my $NFL$ experience. If any kid comes to my house looking like that for Halloween, he's gettin a "ding dong to his liberty bell" and not much else.

Got some more thrillin' grillin' on the other side. Grab some rub and come on over.

Ramdude's First Big Boy Ribs

I've been grilling since you needed lightning to hit a tree to get fire. However, it's mostly been steaks, pork chops, burgers-n-dogs and chicken - stuff you can cook pretty fast. With a family, there was never time to do some of that slow cooking stuff. I tried cooking ribs like other meats or boiling them first, but that just wasn't much good. Well, all that changed this past Labor Day weekend.

Now, I'm not about to tell people from St. Louis how to cook ribs. But TST has readers from all over the world, and there are probably some of you out there who, like me, didn't feel qualified to do serious rib cookin. This was simple, only took about 3.5 hours cooking time (with minimal supervision) and the results were Slap Yo Mama good. This also uses our old friend, tinfoil, to speed things up a bit. So you probably won't see this method used at rib cook-offs. However, it's fine for home use, and that fella on TV said it was OK.

Strap in. Here we go.

Earrrrrly Saturday mornin of Labor Day weekend, about 10 AM, Mrs. Ramdude was watching the Today show in our bed room. I kinda woke up and thought I heard something about rubbing a supermodel's ribs like you love em. Well, that got me awake enough to see what was going on - no supermodel, just baby backs. Here's what it was about. Couldn't find it on YouTube, so here's the link. Some of the time math didn't seem to quite work since he was in hurry, so here's a summary with comments.

From Kenny Callaghan - Exec Chef at Blue Smoke in NYC -

shows us how anyone can become a BBQ pitmaster by avoiding common pitfalls:

  • Put a rub on both sides up to 18-24 hours before cooking and place back in refrigerator (I got a nice Kansas City rub and some pretty baby back ribs down to the BJ's. You can put the rub on pretty heavy if you like. I only let it go a couple of hours - I'd do it earlier next time, but they were still great. Other experts say remove the membrane on the back. I didn't and it was fine, but will try that next time.)
  • Soak wood chips for 5 minutes and wrap in foil for smoke. Place over hot part of grill. (I didn't have any, so I skipped this. Will give it a try.)
  • Put on indirect heat - turn off burners directly under the ribs - for 2 hours at 250 degrees. (I went about 300 - 350 and that worked. Don't have to turn em very often since it's indirect heat.)
  • All important Tinfoil Step: Wrap each rib in aluminum foil. Add some pineapple or apple juice to keep them moist. (I didn't have that so used orange juice - worked fine.)
  • Cook in foil for 1 hour. (I used low heat under the ribs since they were in foil and flipped occasionally - I'm a flipper, I flip. Worked for me.)
  • Take them out of foil and cook another 30 minutes on indirect heat. In the last 10 - 20 minutes, mop on the sauce. (I used Sweet Baby Rays - never disappoints!)

If you add up the cooking time - about 3.5 hours - and you don't have to stand over em. Just let em do their thang. The results for a first run were amazing. And there's still room for improvement.

So there you have it. Don't be afraid, but plan ahead because it takes longer than burgers. Better too!

Well, gotta go. Let's skin us some skins and fry em up for suppa! Good day.

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