Rams Rewind: Post Game Observations

JACKSONVILLE, FL - SEPTEMBER 01: Quarterback Sam Bradford #8 of the St. Louis Rams attempts a pass during a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field on September 1, 2011 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Overall Observations:

...Quinn ran himself out of almost every play, wonder if him going wide 9/10 plays was by design because it was not effective due to zero middle push.

...Mikell and Dahl are not really starting safeties, could not find anything good at all.

... I do not understand the love for JL? He makes tackles down the field, takes wrong angles quite a bit in run game and yesterday he just seemed to drop way too deep in pass coverage, got run over twice near goal line by Bell and Smith, not exactly big backs good kid but I do not see borderline all pro to deserve that contract.

...The up man needs to let Pead run out of the end zone, had 2 chances, this offense needs a chance for him to make a play on KR's.

...The OL played pass blocking pretty well, run blocking pretty bad but Shotts did not help as he seem to right same side on a 4-1 ratio.

...Schotty did a very good job though in calling pass plays, found open guys on almost every pass play.

...The 4 drops by the Detroit TE's were huge gifts, TD by Pettigrew and he had 2 other easy chances while Scheffler had the ball in his hands and should have caught a ball close to red zone, those plays were not caused by defense and kept score close.

...The Fletcher drop was close to a game changer there as well, takes 3 points off the board and maybe he makes a quality return.

...The pass defense did a great job on the outside but lord the middle was open all damn day, that needs to be fixed asap.

...Dunbar played very well other than last play but I think if even if he stays in right spot , he gets smashed by the Center who should have had a penalty called on illegal man down field, he was at least 1.5 yards down field, huge non-call.

...Finally my review on Sam, he actually played pretty well overall, stood tall other than the dive sack and the other sack he just held the ball way too long especially with this line.

On a couple of completions - No reason to talk about Givens play, Sam should not have been looking at Kendricks who could not have gotten a 1st down, if he looks earlier maybe he reaches Givens who was very wide open. Sam had DA on the 1st half slant but also had Kendricks at the 1st down marker for the 1st down, Givens was breaking deep as well, he needs to give them a chance.On sideline 5 yard overthrow to DA, he was wide open but Jax and Miller were also wide open on check downs, could have gotten maybe 10 yards there.

...Finally the big play at 3rd and 9, Gibby was taken out of the play on top, Kendricks ran a 1 yard pattern, he threw toward Danny Amendola who would not have gotten a 1st down as he was barely 3 yards down field but something I saw, Smith was one on one below DA and ran a nice comeback and got open at the marker, not sure now if the Sam throw was a overthrow on DA or under throw on Smith. The play was there and may have won the game.

...I feel a bit better than yesterday and will be interested in Fisher can fix the run blocking, holes in pass defense in the middle of the field for next week.

Fantasy Mike

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