Rams decision to lay up for the field goal.

I just thought this would be interesting to debate. I certainly am not intending to slander Jeff Fisher for one call. I cant tell you how friggen awesome it is to see my favorite sports team slug it out toe to toe down to the final seconds of the game with a high octane, talent loaded, playoff calibre team.

Lions games of recent memory were embarrassing ass beatings that were really over before half time. The result of the game pissed me off for a while afterwards because the Rams should have won the game. That being said, there is no doubt in my mind that the Rams are finally on their way back up the ladder.

The last drive of the game by the Rams started somewhere around the 7 minute mark. The team kicked a field goal around the 2 minute mark. The offense was driving the ball effectively with some excellent catches by Brandon Gibson of all people and Sam hanging in there and making some good throws. Once the Rams crossed the 40, they decided to play for the field goal.

I understand that this is smart in that you arent risking the game to a fumble or interception which puts you up by 3 and putting the opponent on the hook to score in 2 minutes.

I disagreed with the call during the game and still do now and here is why.

The biggest factor that late in the game is the clock. Calling a series of ultra conservative plays (basically kneel downs) to burn whatever you can on the clock and kick the field goal is really just giving the other team more time to score points on the subsequent possession.

Not only are you giving the opponent more time to score, you are also allowing them to do so needing only to drive half the field to stay in the game. Granted that is if you keep driving yourself and score a TD which might not happen.

2 minutes is nothing for a team like the Lions to score a TD. Especially in the first game of the season in the 4th quarter when defenses tire early. Both the Rams and the Lions D were gassed, that is why the Rams were able to move the football in the 4th quarter vs the Lions D that was kicking their butt all day long. The Lions rush weakened some which gave Sam time in the pocket to find Gibson. Which is all the more reason to keep trying to collect 1st downs. The defense is tired, you have them on the mat. Keep pushing! If they stop you on 3rd down, great, kick the field goal. You are still doing that with less that 2 minutes on the clock.

What do you guys think? Of course it's easy to say this in hind sight.

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