More Shotgun and Hurry up?

This offense has been the definition of inconsistent throughout Sam's 2 year career. They've show flashes of greatness but at the same time have showed why we were (undeniably) the worst offense in the league last season. Fisher and crew have done a great job of surrounding Sam with young talent on offense but seemed to neglect the offensive line in the draft, settling with getting Wells in free agency. This offense is still without a doubt in the bottom tier of the league after getting such talent so it will need all the tricks and advantages it can get, so why not more Shotgun and Hurry up offense? Sure the hurry up offense might not be Fisher's forte but it could benefit this young offense in the short and long term, reason why below..



During his collegiate career with the Oklahoma Sooners, although him being in the shotgun was overstated by the general media, he was in it for half of his snaps. This could help both the Offensive line and the receivers because of the lack of talent we have at those positions. Sam being in the shotgun gives him more time to make his reads and make better decisions. By doing this, it gives the receivers more time to get free off coverage or their man. It allows for more separation which is badly needed with this below average corps. Then we go to the hurry up offense which gives Sam all of the advantages of the Shotgun offense but with three other great advantages. 1. Sam ran it to perfection in college and understands the the fast tempo. 2. Although the Rams were a disaster on offense last season, why they did the no huddle offense they moved the ball pretty well up and down the field, Even had the to be Superbowl Champs falling for joy..

Giants Players Fake Injuries To Slow Down Rams Offense (via urbs88)

Then the 3rd and final reason is because it would mask out deficiencies on offense. This offense is young and has a ton of potential but we can't expect them to be great right away (although we want them to be), we can't play some of the teams this season that we're facing (Lions, Packers, and Patriots to name a few) straight up, nor can we just use the simple ground and pound against these teams because of their ability to put up points in bunches. These teams have more talent on their offenses by light years. We have to catch the defenses of guard and use what advantages we do have to the utmost.

Lastly, I believe in Sam's ability to run such an offense to where we are more fast pace and this just might help the talent on this offense shine. Shotty runs an offense that resembles what Sam ran in college so it can be done. If we do this even half way as Sam ran it in college we should see this offense at least in the middle of the pack by the end of the season which isn't bad considering last season.

Sam Bradford 2008 Highlights (via Navigator280)

What do you think, should Fisher consider more Hurry up and Shotgun this season or is it too much to put on this offense right now? Please explain below and thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed..

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