Bradford:Already with the Make or Break Stuff?

Chiefs game. All the positive fans were praising Bradford and all the negative fans were nowhere to be seen.

Dallas game. Positive fans defend Bradford and negative fans come out of the woods to shit all over Bradford.

HAVE to wait for the regular season games to kick off. Lots of variables with Bradford.

My biggest concern is still the Receivers. For all the make or break talk about Bradford we keep hearing. Not once has he been able to play with a top receiver except for a few games while he was hurt last year with Lloyd.

Dalton: gets AJ Green his first year and Green looks to be a future top 3 receiver nationally. Gresham at TE

Newton: gets Steve (yes that one) Smith and arguably the best running back tandem in football with Stewart and Williams. Also had a Mike Tolbert that played pretty damn good too.

Matt Ryan: gets Roddy White to start his career and last year adds the incredible Julio Jones who also has top 3 receiver projections in the future. Not to mention Michael Turner who has been a top 10 back since arriving in Atlanta shortly after Ryan. Tony Gonzalez at TE

Stafford: gets hands down the best receiver in football and one of the best ive ever seen in Megatron. Saw Stafford simply lob the ball up in the air countless times to watch megatron leap over everyone and come down with a circus catch all last year. Former first rounder Brandon Pettigrew as well.

And now we come to Bradford who's had.....Gibson. Lloyd was rented for a few games and Bradford and Lloyd were hardly ever on the same field at the same time. Alexander played in a handful of games each year and wasn't consistent in anything except occasionally providing the big play and dropping pretty much everything else. IMO the best tight end the guy has had to work with has been Daniel Fucking Fells who is somewhere on the Denver roster not starting...not even sure hes still on the team.

I wont even mention the O-Line because if you've been here you already know the deal on THAT subject.

Only consistent offensive talent Bradford has had even around him has been Steven Jackson, who is still a great runner but not hasn't been a threat catching the ball since 2007. Partly from lack of use and partly because he's not explosive or fast enough to beat defenders in the passing game.

Defunct receivers. Defunct protection.

Did i fail to mention the incompetent coaching and change of offensive schemes in each consecutive season Brad has been in the league? Did i fail to mention having a second year QB call his own protections in a entirely new offense?

So ask yourself is it REALLY ok to say that this is Bradford's make or break year? Really?

Just remembered that I didn't even mention the abysmal defense last year. We couldn't stop no name guys from having career days. Ryan Torain destroyed us and subsequently did NOTHING against any other team and is indeed without a job. We've pretty much made Demarco Murray's career by our selves. Guy had a total of TWO touchdowns total last year and i know 1 was against us and probably the other one as well (could be wrong).

So lets see now:

Defunct receivers. Defunct protection. Defunct Defense. I'm being nice using the words defense.

All of this places extreme stress on Bradford to succeed DESPITE of all this. When all of these things happen to a QB at once, every mistake he makes on top of the rest of the failures is analyzed with extreme scrutiny even more so.

The factors above plus the usual struggles of a young QB in the league plus the added pressure of succeeding despite these struggles.

Bradford has had none of the things needed for a young QB to succeed early when every other QB i can think of has had one or more of the above mentioned deficiencies. Give me one QB 27 or below that hasn't had one of the things I've mentioned and that's: Great to Dominant defense. Great to Dominant receivers. Great to Dominant Offensive line. Great to Dominant running backs. (As good as Sjax is and has been he has been anything but dominant or even that great since Bradford has been in the league. Don't think he's even had more than 5 rushing TD's in any of the seasons from 2010 to now and is no longer a threat to take a ball further than 40 yards for a TD. Just not that kind of back even though I love the guy) Hell how about good coaches? Nope. Last year didn't even get a damn position coach...

Bradford has literally had just about everything stacked against him from the start and we're asking if this is his make or break year? Lets try and see what he can do when we can provide just ONE of the above mentioned things.

If one of those variables plays out this year remains to be seen. But we as fans are so impatient we haven't even decided to wait for this season to even BEGIN before we flutter around with the word BUST. Its the way fans do I understand but that doesn't mean I can't temper some of it with rationalism.

Bradford has his issues no doubt; some he still has that he came into the league with such as staring at receivers a little too long at times (probably because he's waiting for one to get open), holding the ball too long at times, lack of pocket presence to a certain extent, and not seeing the entire field all the time. Noone is there to take attention away from any of these deficiencies and due to the Rams overall lack of any saving factor Sam is expected to play perfect games because that's damn near what it takes for us to win a game.

Every bad Bradford performance usually means a loss because noone steps up to help him out besides Jackson, and even then like i said before the result is usually a whooping 5 touchdowns or less/year from Jackson. Where are the receivers taking a short pass for a TD (i.e playmaker). Making a leaping grab for a touchdown or a defender? Where are the backs taking a run to the house from far out? Where is the defense intercepting a ball and taking it to the house; or hell even stopping the opposing team from scoring. Where is the special teams giving us a touchdown every now again from a punt or kickoff return.Have we even had a special team touchdown since Bradford's been in the league? I can't remember one since Bradford has been in college either.

Get Bradford a guy who can make his weaknesses look better and then we can talk. Because every successful QB in this league has at least one of those things i mentioned.

Say im wrong....i dare you

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