Jeff Fisher in the preseason

I've been a long time reader of this site, and have often contemplated signing up to post/cavort with you. So, firstly, thanks for having me. Here goes:

I get it, I really do. What looked like the most promising preseason in years has amounted to nothing more than roller coaster performances and unanswered questions. Who will step up from the wide receiver corps? Who will we send out on the right edge of the line? Who has a better mustache, Jeff Fisher, or Sam Elliot?



You decide.

Follicle dispute aside, most Rams fans entered this year with something we haven't had in years, a very different four letter word: hope. First, front office changes. Big ones. Then came a promising draft and intelligent free agency period. It looked on paper that the Rams had assembled a seemingly competitive roster.

Enter Indianapolis.

Our boys were shredded by Andrew Luck, aka non-amphibious Michael Phelps.



Two men, with the face only one mother could love. I digress.

After getting thumped by the Colts, the Rams manhandled the rival Chiefs, only to come back and have a lackluster performance against the Cowboys. What's the point? My point is that although this is preseason, the games do matter in the grand scheme of things. Our roster is being shaped, our players are being coached up, and the sky is not falling...not yet, anyways.

Let's look at the numbers for more information. The best coach of this era (as much as it pains me to say it), Bill Belichick, has a preseason record of 29-23 (.527). Sure, it's a winning record, and most of that probably comes with the idea that the Pats assemble a solid roster, top to bottom. Where does our head coach stack up? Jeff Fisher has a preseason record of 32-26 (.551). Andy Reid is 23-31 (.418). Romeo Crennel is 9-9 (.500). Let us not forget the magical preseason that was 2011. My point is, preseason records aren't necessarily indicative of how a team will perform during the regular season.

But as fans, we like to see our team win. Let's look at the week-to-week record for Fisher's squads. this may be a better indicator of how he prepares for each game.

Week 1: 8-7

Week 2: 10-5

Week 3: 4-10

Week 4: 10-4

There you have it. Maybe Fisher opens the playbook a little more during weeks two and four. Maybe the roller coaster ride continues as the Rams take out the Ravens by a sizeable margin.

Maybe the sky won't fall after all.

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