Thoughts on the Rams 3rd Preseason Game

Comparing the Chiefs game to this one: The offensive line seems to handle the 4 man rush long enough for Sam to make a decision and get rid of the ball as noted in the Chiefs game. Give him enough time and Sam looks very good. It's when the opposing defense brings the blitz that the Rams offensive line falls apart. We were constantly seeing a free blitzer or a lineman getting beat because he was not getting double team help.

I noticed Schottenhiemer solved this problem on the 1st team Rams final drive in to the red zone by bringing the tight ends in to block. Sam looked much better on this drive and the Rams were able to move the ball until they got into the stall zone where their "fix" created another problem....

In the compressed field of the red zone, the Cowboys brought press coverage and the blitz. The Rams WRs couldnt beat it and get open fast enough. I think the Rams could have gotten around this by passing to their tight ends, but they couldnt because they had to block the Cowboy blitz.

Also that 3rd an 1 play where the Rams decided to pass for the first down and didnt make it. The Cowboy dbs pressed and the Rams WRs couldnt beat it.

There was also that other like 3rd and 6 where Bradford took his 2nd sack which I think he could have avoided. He had enough time to realize nobody was open the play was to check it down to his tight end that chip blocked and released into the flat but this was on the back side but Sam only scanned the right side of the field and never looked back to his left.

This is certainly concerning. The offensive line has to get better and Bradford has to decide quicker that there is no play to be made and check it down or get rid of the football. On the bright side, I feel that if Jackson were in to play in a real game and the Rams are able to establish some kind of a running game, the Rams would be able to run themselves out of some of that stuff (which they also were able to do on that last 1st team offensive drive to the red zone)as Marshall pointed out, the Cowboys knew when the Rams were going to pass and T'ed off.

The Dline is awesome. I feel like most games they are going to get pressure with their front 4 consistently. They were giving the Cowboy line fits. Tony Romo is just flat out good at evading that and buying more time. Got to hand it to the Cowboys there, Romo is just very very good!

The secondary is very concerning! Romo hitting receivers where there wasnt a Ram db to be found even in the wide angle camera shots! Fisher said that this was a communications problem. He cant have this excuse in the regular season because he chose not to hire a new Dcoordinator which would be the guy that makes sure the defense is all on the same page! On one hand it doesnt surprise me to see Romo cutting up base zone coverage, on the other hand its concerning to see the Rams secondary having constant coverage gaffs in base zone defense.

Janoris Jenkins obviously needs to hit the books on how to play zone coverage...welcome to the NFL rookie.

In summary, it looks bad, but still not nearly as bad as last year. No offensive fumbles, only one false start for the 1st team but that isnt good enough the Rams still need alot of improvement.

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