Analysis of the Cowboys game and 53 man roster

I watched the whole game, and reviewed the first half, and this is where we stand.

QB- Bradford was skittish in the pocket. Even when there wasn't pressure he was throwing inaccurate passes. It is obvious he doesn't trust his line. He also had trouble throwing towards the sidelines. Cleveland Browns still offering 4 first rounders? Clemens was on display to see if he can stay on the team. My instinct says NO! :-) Davis is just a lot better than him. Austin Davis, I love this kid. I have enjoyed watching him from day one. I truly believe he is the real deal. I would love to see him play with the 1s next week. You can tell everyone loves playing with him. He just brings confidence to the unit.

RB- Pead wasn't good until 3rd qtr when he was just ok. Richardson was great for a 7th rounder, and good for an NFL player. It was nice to see him get some action with the 1s. I think we have found our backup.

WR- Guys are still not getting seperation. Everyone is really excited about SS, but I don't think we can play him as WR2 or WR1. I haven't seen these sure hands everyone is talking about. I'm just not big on him. Gibson had a nice catch, but struggled getting seperation again. Pettis dropped another pass that his him on the hands. It would have been a nice catch, but not an impossible one. Quick had couple of nice grabs, one where he got beat up pretty bad. Salas had a great catch that got overturned. I would like to see Quick play with the 1s, and see Gibson get cut. I am not big on SS making the team either.

TE- McNeill looks good out there, Kendricks dropped a pass, but he'll do. Hooman, was ok as well. Our TEs are ok, but nothing to brag about.

O-Line: Saffold had one dumb move. Richardson had couple, and one led to a sack. 69 O-something made couple of mistakes, and one was a sack. Wells made a mistake, but other than that I thought the OL did well this game. I would like to see ROK with the 1s, but I understand that Fisher is letting him develop. I do think JSmith is playing better than Richardson.

DLine- We played well, even though they got couple of runs on us. It was mostly LB mistake. I couldn't see any major mistakes this unit made. They were out there for a long time in the first qtr, and most of the big plays happened when subs were in. I was excited to see Vernon out there. He was double the whole time. Poor guy :-)

LB- JL55 put a good performance. Dunbar was good. Rest were none-existent. I would like the see more of McIntosh than Haggan. Haggan is another guy like Steve Smith. We have given them a lot of credit for no reason.

CB- Jenkins struggled a bit. Both him Johnson, and Finn missed easy tackles. I have no worries about this unit though.

S- Safeties were broke. Dahl needs to be cut, Mikell needs to be spoken to. McLeod, was good. He made a hell of a tackle on speacial teams.

51 Man Roster QB: Bradford, Davis RB: Jackson, Richardson, Pead, Miller WR: Quick, Amendola, Givens, Pettis, Salas, DX, Steve Smith TE: Kendricks, Hooman, McNeill, another TE T: Saffold, Smith, Richardson PS: Long G: Dahl, Watkins, O-something 69 C: Wells, Turner DE: Long, Quinn, Hayes, Sims DT: Brockers, Langford, Cudjo, Conrath OLB: Dunbar, McIntosh, Brown, Hoff-Ellis PS: Brown MLB: JL55, Hull CB: Finn, Jenkins, Fletcher, Johnson, Murphy S: Mikell, Stewart, McLeod, Free Agent :-) K: GZ P: Hekker LS: whoever :-) I would like us to pick up another OLB, and Safety. Personally, I really like the team. I think this team can do great if we found an OLB and a FS. I do like the McLeod kid a lot. I would like to see what QB Davis can do with the 1s.

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