I won the NFL Fan Flag Challenge!

About a month ago, I was tooling around r/vexillology when I saw a post about a flag design contest that the NFL was having (here's the full press release). I'm not great at image editing but I had an idea about what a flag for the Rams would look like. So I entered the contest using as many graphic design buzzwords as I could.

Low an behold, a few weeks ago, I got notification that my concept was chosen as the winner for the Rams. I don't have any idea what the final flag will look like, but I'll find out during a trip to New York City as a part of the NFL Kickoff activities. The NFL is flying me and a guest out for a three days where I'll get to see the flag and watch the Cowboys take on the Giants at the Meadowlands. I'll be sure to post again when I get more details about the look of the flag and with more details about my trip.

I've posted my full contest entry below.

Describe your vision of a flag that you believe would represent the essence of your

favorite NFL team, including the specific elements and colors that would comprise your flag

design (elements could be representative of the city, the community, team traditions, the

team's fans, etc.):

The Rams iconic horns were the first on-helmet logo in the NFL and that tradition should

continue. A football morphing gradually turning into the current Rams head logo would be

complemented by art-deco lines of action moving if forward like a rocket (which is a nod to

St. Louis' role in the Apollo space program). Colors would match the current blue and white

branding with would be trimmed with gold. The shades of gold and blue could be easily

substituted to match the throwback colors or reformatted to, one day, match the blue and

white uniforms

Explain (i) what inspired your vision for the flag and the elements you chose; and (ii) how

your concept truly defines your favorite NFL team and why is it personally meaningful to


St. Louis has been an aeronautic town. Our role as the home of McDonnell-Douglas (the

builders of the Apollo Rocket) has inspired an art deco theme in the city. Our new Interstate

overpasses have the art-deco wings beside the name of each road. The team flag has two

most visible jobs: start the game with the team and celebrate their accomplishments. A Flag

that goes out before a team should be moving forward. Lines that moved forward and the

football illustrate the action that is happening and tease of what will be coming. The figure of

the Ram's head calls back to the history of the team (who have only used the current Ram

head in St. Louis) and unites the current. Another job of the team's flag is to celebrate

accomplishments. When a field goal or touchdown is scored, the flags go flying across the end

zones. The same action lines enhance the celebration and represent a frequent demand of

Rams fans: "more touchdowns!"

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