What is Sam's Role this season?

People have a misconception of what Sam does and what exactly he specializes at. Sam is not Drew Brees nor does he have the weapons, talent on the line, or even arm that Drew does. If you watched him in college you would know this. Don't expect Sam to throw many deep too often this season or you will get your feelings hurt, that is not what this season is about for Sam, it's about him getting comfortable with his surroundings and building bonds with his receivers and line, my proof is simple, after the jump..

When talked to about getting the ball out quicker (from

"That's a lot of what I've talked about with Schotty so far," Bradford told after a night session last week. "Two days ago in camp, I thought I had a really good practice. I'm not sure the ball hit the ground once. And we got in the film room, and he was all over me about getting the ball out of my hands even quicker, to eliminate hits. He's made it a big point. It's part of my job to help the protection and get the ball out of my hands and make sure that, even if it's not a sack, I'm eliminating the unnecessary hits."

Taking unnecessary hits like standing back in the pocket when him and the coaching staff know this offensive line can't handle it and knowing that we have an inexperienced wide receivers corps that can't get separation to save their lives.

Sam continued:

"I like the fact that, from what we're doing right now, Schotty's main deal with me is get completions. Keep us ahead of the chains, keep us in good situations, find us a completion and move on down the road," Bradford said. "There are a lot of quick completions, getting the ball out of my hand. I don't think there's gonna be a lot of dropping back, sitting there in the pocket, patting it and waiting for guys to come open 20 yards down the field. It's gonna be about being efficient."

This explains exactly what I was talking about earlier in my post. The offense being installed this season is not about being eye appealing. It's main goals are to give Sam some confidence in his abilities and move the chains. This type of offense Sam will thrive in because it uses his best trait, his accuracy and it subtracts the amount of hits he takes which in turn keeps Rams fans happy because he then is less likely to get injured. Sure when he gets more comfortable with his surroundings you could see more deep throws but for now I don't expect many attempts down field. It is not exciting, it's the Fisher and Shotty way, don't like, go watch the Patriots or Packers. Because I would like to see less of this, this upcoming season:

In Defense of Sam Bradford (via RamsONDEMAND)

By the way, has anyone watched this video full through? I can make it maybe 2 or 3 plays then I can't handle it anymore.

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