Random Ramsdom - 8/14 - The Left Guard Battle, Who Will Win Rookie of the Year, and Should Zombies Pay Taxes?


Sunday felt pretty similar to every Sunday over the last five years. The team looked disjointed, under talented, and over matched. Sam Bradford looked better than last year, but still hasn't taken the step up to play like the franchise quarterback the team so desperately needs. The defense clearly didn't look like the dominant unit we were all hoping for, either.

BUT! The good news is we still have three more preseason games to get it right. We are still working with brand new offenses and defenses, and are playing everyone on the depth chart from top to bottom. There is reason for hope, but Sunday was still a frustrating day.

This Saturday is the game against the Chiefs for the Governor's Cup. Here's hoping the Rams can bring it against Kansas City! Until then, enjoy your Random Ramsdom...

Rams News

Mike Sando says the left guard job is Quinn Ojinnaka's to lose - I hope Rok is able to step up and take over this spot by the end of the season, but the need here pales in comparison to the need at right tackle.

Bryan Burwell says the cancellation of the London games is simple economics - I actually tend to agree with everything he said. Many people are paranoid that this means something in the big scheme of things when it comes to keeping the team in St. Louis, but this seems like an olive branch to a fan base that was very unhappy about the prospect of three years of losing a home game.

Other NFL News

We are now virtually guaranteed to start the regular season with replacement refs - Honestly, I don't understand why the NFL is fighting the refs over some very minor things. Is even one horrendously called game worth whatever the refs may be asking for?

Some odds on who will win Rookie of the Year - Forgive the slideshow. Bleacherreport laid odds on each 1st round rookies chances of winning the Rookie of the Year. Brockers is at 50-1, about halfway down the list. RG3 and Luck are both big favorites at 10-1. Interesting read, if you are willing to click 9879347 times to see each rookie and their logic on laying the odds


The zombie apocalypse is now such a foregone conclusion, that the debate has gone from how to stop them to how much they should pay in taxes. The question that doesn't seem to be addressed is would the living now all be considered the 1%? Or would it be zombies then the living then the 1% richest living? That's going to be the great philosophical question of a generation.

Thanks for the read as usual, and have a Ramtastic Day!

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