After carefully reviewing the First Half, I offer my apologies and an OPTIMISTIC REVIEW.

Yesterday, I hastily wrote an extremely negative post without fully examining the first preseason game. I have to say, I was quite upset before the game started, and I was busy while watching the game. I saw few plays, and often Luck replays.

Today I signed up at and watched the first half of the game, and I was actually quite impressed with the RAMS first units. I saw Colts blitzing often in preseason, which I hadn't seen. I don't see to many teams blitz in a preseason game. Here are my individual review of the first half.

Bradford- He played quite well. Other than missing Amendola on 4th down, he really didn't make any mistakes. To his credit, I watched the play about 4-5 times, and Amendola didn't really have seperation. Bradford threw the ball in front of him about 3 yards. He could have zipped it in there, and if it wasn't a 4th down play, it wouldn't even have been a mistake. Under pressure throwing it where the defender has no chance makes a lot of sense. The deep ball to Smith wasn't as bad as I thought, he was under pressure, it was a long ball, and Smith didn't have the seperation I thought he did. The fumble which I thought was his fault, is obviously rookie jitters by Pead. The ball was put between his belly and chest, but Pead got too excited when he saw all the lanes. It would have been a great play if Pead had held on. It was nice to see him hit Kendricks down the middle twice under pressure.

Running backs: SJax- He looked great out there. You can see that he was excited to be in there. I can't wait to see more of him during the regular season. iPEAD- Played very nervous in the beginning, he had two fumbles. After he got his footing, he stopped running towards the piles. Again, Colts were bringing 6-7 people in, and Pead was playing against their first unit defense. It is too early to make anything out of Pead yet.

Wide Receivers: We ran the ball way too many times for any WR to get many reps. I was happy to see people catching the ball. Amendola looked ok, Smith had a curl catch. I thought Pettis had an impressive catch on what looked like a slant. Givens is gonna be an incredible deep threat. He did great against two DBs when he drew the passing interference call which was thrown behind him, but he made great adjustment. The ball that Clemens threw was well ahead of him, and it was thrown from directly behind him. He ran under it, and dove as far as he could, but he was still a yard or so from it. I don't think anyone could have done more. Quick had a nice little slant route. He reminds me so much of Colston. He also blocked very well on couple of run plays. You can tell he is really strong.

Offensive Line: This is where I was absolutely wrong. After wathing this unit pick up their assignments, I was quite impressed. I thought Saffold did a great job, but he was only out there with Bradford which makes a lot of sense. I was very impressed with Rok's shear force at RG. I saw him move people back several times during plays. When he locks on you, you are pretty much done. Smith wasn't pathetic, and that is a step forward. He seemed confident out there. Although, he was looking in the wrong direction on Hughes first sack. He just didn't expect Hughes, or maybe he let the running back help him with it, and Pead ran right by him. It was a mental mistake, and not a technique. On most of the drives, both Richardson and Smith picked up their assignments. Most of the pressure came from the middle, when the colts would blitz 6-7 guys on a preseason game. They played both Freeney and Mathis, so their line was stacked. They also played 3-4 and always had at least 5 people rushing in. They really didn't open up much room for Pead in the first quarter. It was also hard to do so with so many people on the line. Overall, I was happy to see the improvement in the O-line compared to last year.

Tightends: I saw Kendricks catch two balls down the middle, when there was pressure brought down the middle of the offensive line. He was wide open on both plays, but after his drops last year, I will take this as a win. Hoomie blocked well, and I don't remember him really catching anything.

Defensive Line: Quinn is a beast out there. Long was long, except he lost his footing on Colts' second TD to Collie. Both of the touchdowns didn't really represent how our defense was playing. Langford and Brockers played great together. Couple of tackles for loss early. fisher only used the front four to rush, and Luck was knocked down 3 times in the first two drives. One Langford gave his place to number 71 who I predict to be Conrath, we only had 3 people on the line. Conrath did his best, but he is just and undrafted rookie. Our second team will be good in games, but they went against Colts' first team, which I assume since Luck was still out there.

Linebackers: Pretty weak, almost all the catches were made against this unit and safeties. JL-Freak was taken out after the first quarter, so I can see how these guys left some big openings in coverage since they never played together before. I hope they improve by the begining of season, and there is plenty room to improve here :-)

Cornerbacks: Jenkins and Finn played great. Jenkins only mistake was trying to go for an interception, and forgetting he is 5'9". Other than that, I was quite impressed. Gordy gave up some easy plays. Number 23 messed up an easy blitz by going too deep in. Luck easily walked around both him and dunbar since both of them ran straight at the QB. I don't think we will have any problems with our CBs during regular season. I just hope they don't get injured.

Safeties: I didn't see our safeties make any plays. Safeties and LBs are our obvious weakness. Especially CD43, I mean he gets beat so easily.

Overall, I think we showed out talent on the field. I don't think the score proved anything except that Colts was hoping this would give them some fans to support them through week 4. I do like Luck a lot. He makes great decisions on the field. He was not playing like a rookie out there. This kid is something really special. If the rest of the team can play well, I really don't think it will take Colts a long time to revive this franchise.

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