I don't have a long diatribe about today's game, just a few things I saw and wanted to bounce off of you:

  1. The OLine looks a little like a sieve. I shouldn't be concerned with it being game one of preseason and all, but whoa!
  2. Get the ball out Mr. Sam Bradford!
  3. Our WR's didn't get open and we had some bad communication out there
  4. Steve Jackson looked great, but if Pead can keep his feet on the ground, he could give folks problems
  5. Our play call was suspect on offense
  6. Our special teams kick and punt were decent today
  7. DLine was inconsistent, got good penetration most times, but not all the time
  8. I don't know where our LB core were today
  9. Same thing for our defensive backfield. I thought that was one of our supposed upgrades?
  10. Were there safeties on the field today?

So now let us go deeper than the score and the frustrating lack of cohesion on plays. The Rams were not competitive, but we are dealing with a coach who is systematically dealing with a balance to evaluate, get reps in for those who need the most evaluation, while doing those things, making sure no one gets too banged up before the season starts. Fisher is good at what he does and don't let today's occurances change that in your mind. He is also from the school of thought that says preseason is for evaluation, not necessarily winning at all cost. We save all that for the regular season.

Right now, it's time to see what kind of choices do we have at what positions? Who's outta here in the first round of cuts? Who is looking like they understand and who does not? What people need to go immediately so that we can get someone else in camp? Along with those questions, there are a ton of others that are being asked and answered with these pre-season games. All is not lost. We have time for the clay to finish setting into its mold. The men in charge know this was not the way any team wants to start off the year, but I would rather lose every single pre season game if it meant that we could possibly get 6-7 wins out of the year.

Yeah I know I gotcha laughing on the ground right now. 6 or 7 wins? Yeah I said it and meant it. The team needs cohesion, they had jitters and various other issues, but I am keeping this one in perspective.

We won all preseason games last year and sucked @$$ in the regular season, so maybe this time it's a sign that better football is coming. We have not yet begun....keep ya heads up Rams Nation!!

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