My Quick Take on Game 1

This obviously hasn't been a game to fill us with optimism, but we learned a lot today and have a more realistic view of this team... If things are this bad in Game 3, we can start freaking out... but for now, let's have some patience.... Some quick points after the jump.

Quarterback: Unfortunately, I wasn't home early enough to see our first drive. But I've watched virtually everything since, and I have this to say. Clemons did a terrrrible job with the snap count, and didn't play well when he was in... Austin Davis looked above average, but unfortunately he's also playing against the Colt's worst players.. However, he has Marshall Faulk's seal of approval, which is good enough for me.

Running Back: Apparently SJ39 looked good, but I wasn't home to see that. Pead looked extremely quick and shifty, but got absolutely no help from our O Line... Couldn't see much of Richardson, due to the line... Pead's motor really impressed me though.

Fullback: I like that we're using one... Mughelli will be effective for us this year blocking for our running attack.

Wide Receiver: I saw a lot of the backups... Givens looked GREAT. His routes were crisp, and he surely is fast... Hopefully we can start to actually get him the ball on those deep routes. Quick made a good catch on a quick slant the one time I saw him targeted. Pettis looked sure-handed, which is what we'll need out of our receiving corps this year. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Smith or Amendola play at all.

Tight End: Didn't see much out of Kendricks, other than 1 catch... Not enough info to really give input here.

O-Line: Our RT spot is the weakest that I saw. Smith at one point went to double team and allowed a free runner at Clemons... Most errors appeared to be either mental or speed related... and most of the speed related ones were due to our snaps being jumped every time... While blocking for the run, our backups couldn't create a decent hole at ALL... This is a really bad sign, considering the Colts are installing an entirely new defense. This will be analyzed and analyzed over the next few weeks, and we'll go from there.

D-Line: The first team really impressed here. They were getting consistent pressure while rushing 4... Quinn could have stayed in his lane a bit better to force Luck to step up in the pocket, but I really liked what I saw.

Linebacker: I didn't see much out of these guys, which is a bit of a bad sign. If we're going wide-9 with our defensive ends, we're going to need great OLB play.

Corner: Jenkins has some elite skills... He nearly had a pick that probably would have been returned for a TD... He's gonna have a great year... Didn't see much out of Cortland, but that's usually a good thing with corners... Other highlight was Trumaine Johnson, mostly because of his tackling skills. He's a solid tackler, and I'd like to see him do some work as a nickel or as a safety... or as a nickel safety.

Safety: meh

Special Teams: Our punter and our kicker did well... Hekker had a beaaauty of a punt, and Zuerlein had some good kickoffs.

Remember guys, it's early.... We have a chance to be good still... today is not doomsday.

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