Random Ramsdom, 8/12: Game Day & The View From The Other Side

The Indianapolis Colts have a few ideas about what they'd like to see happen on Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.

Even for a preseason game, the excitement is palpable as fans of the St. Louis Rams get ready to launch a new era in the team's history, something that most of us have witnessed three times in the recent past. This time really feels different though.

Kickoff against the Colts is hours away, so to help you get ready we have a collection of links to brief you on the action, including some perspective on the other side of things, the Colts side.

If you're in the predictive spirit, give us your prediction for the game or for players in the game on Twitter @TurfShowTimes.

Developing players should be Rams' goal
Bernie Miklasz offers a healthy does of perspective on the season ahead for the Rams. Jeff Fisher and Les Snead have a long climb ahead of them with three messes to clean up, as Miklasz puts it. Above all what should we expect this season, progress from the young players.

Colts D.C. Greg Manusky Wants To See 'Violence' From His Defense Against Rams

Well, if that's the way they want to play ... This could be a good first test for the Rams offensive line, whose tenacity has been questioned in recent seasons. A fired up Colts defense would include a pair of pass rushers in Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis that could be a real headache for the offensive tackles.

Preseason Week One: Rams At Colts Preview

Patty at the Pigskin Arch has a long list of things to keep your eye on in Sunday's preseason opener. Kicker Greg Zuerlein has been sending footballs to the Moon in practice these last two weeks. He's kicking in a Dome on Sunday. Will we see "the leg" make a 50-yarder? A 60-yarder? I hope the coaches at least let him try one.

Protecting Steven Jackson? A brave new idea for the Rams

Derek over at Rams Herd takes a look at the team's running back situation. This is the first time since Jackson played behind Faulk that the Rams have had competent runners to pair with their top back. It should be one of the more interesting plots to watch this season.

St. Louis Rams Wide Receivers: Watching In Pairs

The Rams have a lot of questions about their wide receiver corps going into the 2012 preseason. Which ones will make the cut, and who will you be watching on Sunday vs. the Colts?

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