Predicting the Stats - QB

I've got some dead time between now and August (summer break and helping your pregnant stepmother around the house can do that for you). So what better way to kill time then to do a series about what I believe some of the most important pieces on this team will do numbers wise in the upcoming season? As many of you have seen I've already predicted the upcoming season, here, so you could say this is a sort of continuance of it. Up first is of course the QB position which means Sam Bradford.



It's been said plenty of times, Sam had a great rookie season where he took a below average team one game away from being in the playoffs. There is no question he succeeded far past his surrounding considering his number one receiver was a slot receiver, Rams fans were seeing the light and so was the national media who practically dubbed him as the next great Quarterback. His second year was supposed to be his coming out party where he would put up gaudy numbers but as we all know this did not happen. Reality set in and we found out just how bad this team was. Defenses shut down the short passes and wide receiver couldn't consistently get deep to let pressure off the line which saw Bradford sacked more than any QB in the league at one point in time. A soft coach and Offensive Coordinator who wouldn't change his game plan didn't help much either. So what to expect this season?

Yards - 4275

Touchdowns - 30

Interceptions - 12

How did I come up with these stats? Well what I did was add Sam's stats from his rookie season to Matthew Stafford's stats from last season (because it was his 3rd year). Then I divided by two and got both my yards and touchdowns. For my interceptions I didn't do the same, I think that Sam is a better decision maker than Stafford also I don't believe he'll be thrown into a situation that he has to force it in as much. Then comes the question that most are asking, why did you do it like that, another good question. See last season as Fisher has said more than once has been erased, it was a fluke. Shortened offseason coupled with horrendous playcalling for a team that wasn't ready screwed us. So I went back to Sam's rookie year and I don't think there's anyway he doesn't improve on it. Then I looked at his "ceiling" which is Stafford's numbers but I don't believe he'll eclipse those numbers (To be fair I don't think Stafford will ever either) because although I think he's more talented he doesn't have the playmakers nor do I think he'll be throwing as much as Stafford consider Fisher is a run first type of coach. People could say that he could throw less yards than his rookie year because of the new offense and the run first mentality but lets be real, if he doesn't throw for more yards this year the media as well as some Rams fans will be thrown out the B word. So whether it's sub par surroundings or new system, he has to overcome it and show the football world why Fisher passed on RG3 for him.

What do you think of the stats and what do you predict from Bradford this season?

Next time, Running backs...

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