Just what we needed...a simple yet great plan.



We have finally made it past the dark days in between mini camps and training camp. There is a light at the end of the tunnel when we will start to get little tidbits of news from the media who may be covering team training camps. Yet right now, just as we see Team USA compete, massive trades occuring in the NBA, London 2012 Olympics begin this weekend, I find myself truly thankful for whatever sports that may be going on. I had been excited about Euro 2012 all year and it was a sweet balm for the wound that is the offseason. My Cards are sending me through an emotional roller coaster, but I am Redbirds till I die! PGA has been great!


So I try my best to scour for whatever I can over the airwaves and the internet when it concerns football news and especially Rams ball. Yet what I would like to pose to my brothers and sisters of Ramsdom, what do you think so far? I don't mean since the regime change, as we have all been over that dozens of times, but I am talking about the Draft? Have you seen how ironic some of the decisions have played out so far? Have you seen what has been going on through the league concerning the young draftees that we were linked to that we did not get? Case in point:

Trent Richardson - Question, why is it that one of the greatest of all time running backs, Jim Brown, cannot give this man props? Why is he so reluctant to say that Trent Richardson is everything that the media pundits say he is? Because ladies and gentlemen he is not. Yeah I said it. I take nothing from this man, nor all of his accomplishments. I take nothing away from his obvious skill and ability to be a difference maker. Is he amazing? Will he be a one of the saviors of that ball club's season for 2012? I would say, let's see when he plays against real professional football players. I would also say that he does not strike me in the same as Adrian Peterson did coming out of school. He has done a great many things in his collegiate years and deserves to be in the top 10 drafted in 2012, but that is as far as I can and should go. I don't feel that we should have stayed at #2 for him, nor traded up for #4. I agree with what was done. I think it is smart draft strategy. BTW, nothing about Cleveland scares me or anyone else in the league. Hope Weeden is everything you hope he is, you'll need it.

Justin Blackmon - Uuuuuhh what the hell?! Hey Mr. Blackmon, sir, did anyone even take out the time to let you know that it would be wise not to get in trouble before you even sign you contract? Any off the field occurrences gives your new team leverage? Even if it is in just clauses alone, clauses equal money!! Yet, you know what, I don't even blame you. You are just being you. I blame your representation. Period. As for criticism for not making the necessary moves to get Blackmon? I am thinking we may have a steal on our hands with Quick. I am hopeful that Mr. Blackmon can get out of his own way and become the star that most all respected media figures state that he can be. I see nothing scary about Jacksonville either.

A.J. Jenkins - Sorry, but I was never sold on him being a first round pick. I never drank that KoolAid ever. I am glad he wasn't there for us in the second round because I simply didn't have him as a high 2nd round for value. His value to me was always low 2nd to high 3rd round. Yet, honestly, I didn't have Quick going to us in the top of the 2nd round, but did have him as a sleeper.

I have watched the rankings and I persoanlly think the Rams are getting no love from the media. That's OK because they shouldn't. Hate on us please. Keep giving our O-Line low rankings and keep bringing into question our WR corps. Keep talking about our holes on Defense and keep wondering how the Rams will fare. I hope each player sees that too and uses it as motivation to make 2012 the year they make a mark on the league.

Bottom line is I liked the direction that Fisher and Snead went in the 2012 Draft and appreciated the value picks and masterful trades. Looking towards the weeks to come when we will hear much more news than we have in past weeks, I still think we could do with some additional competition at the WR spot and OL positions. What do you think?

Speaking of OL, has anyone heard if Scott Wells is going to be in camp? I thought I read somewhere that the reason he had not been at OTA's is due to injury?

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