Steven Jackson on PFT Live - Focused on Retiring a Ram

With all the yards and TDs and highlights RB Steven Jackson has racked up in his career, it's unfortunate that there haven't been more wins. He deserves as much. Should he retire a Ram, as he stated is his intent on PFT Live today, hopefully the team can address that. (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)

It's been noted before, but it bears repeating at the outset of this piece: Steven Jackson has never been on a winning team in the NFL.

Not once.


So his admission that he wanted to be traded to a contender at times during today's episode of Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio shouldn't be that surprising. (I'll update this post to embed the video once it's available, but for now you'll have to clickety click to watch)

Florio: Has there ever been a time in the last five years where you've wanted to be traded to a contending team?

Jackson: Yeah, yeah I'd be lying if I said I didn't, but the one thing that I can say is that over these lean (?) years, this community, the city of St. Louis, has really embraced me as one of their own. They've kind of adopted me. And through the lean years, you know, a lot of times, they're the reason why I smiled and just gutted out and dealt with some of the things I went through in my career.

If you haven't already clicked over to PFT to watch the whole segment, you should. Unfortunately, the call got dropped before the end, so we didn't get the full interview from Florio; nevertheless, it was a good segment. Jackson discussed:

  • His career longevity -- staying healthy, playing in the right system
  • Jeff Fisher -- new culture, new leadership
  • Isaiah Pead's role -- Jackson sees Pead as a backup, still anticipates 25-30 touches a game
  • Brian Quick and the WR corps -- the transition from college to the NFL, finding the right mix for Sam to be successful

If there's one takeaway that should stick with Rams fans, it was a question about his contract about a third of the way into the interview:

Florio: Are you trying to get a new contract, or are you content to play out the next two years and see what happens after that?

Jackson: Well, we've had some contacts about making sure that I retire as a Ram, and that's the only thing that we're focused on. I think that somewhere in the near future, myself and the Rams will get something worked out to make sure I can retire as a Ram.

May we be so lucky.

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