Turf Show Times: Ramdude's RAMblins 7/21

In search of the reeely GOOD stuff

Note: While this is all in fun, what happened early Friday morning in Aurora, CO is still hard to comprehend. Much love to the families out there who are having to deal with the unimaginable.
Well fellas (an lady-fellas), that was a quick week. Here we are agin - one week closer to the openin of training camp. In case you haven't memorized it already, here's a little camp info from the o-FISHul St Louis Rams web site:

Rookies will report to the ContinuityX Training Center on Tuesday, July 24 and will hold one practice a day on July 25-27. Rookie practices will not be open to the public.

The remainder of the team will report to camp on July 28, and the first public practice will be held at 3:30 p.m. CT on Sunday, July 29. The open scrimmage at the Edward Jones Dome begins at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 4 and will last approximately two hours. Autograph sessions with select players will follow each morning and the open scrimmage.

I want you to know I been busy rumagin around all over the internet - just me an them dang racoons - lookin for somethin to ease yer headache from last nite an put just a little smile on yer face. Come on now, show me that toofless grin. I knows ya can.

Well, I found a veritible corn-u-topia, ... cornercopia ... you know - one of them horns with a buncha vittles comin out of it. Anyways, I found a whole passal of stuff. So click on thru an check it out. (Next time I'm doin my research, I gotta change outta my good church tenny shoes.)

Handyman Corner

Last week, I gave ya'll some descriptions of tools you may have lyin fallow round yer place. I figger some pitchers is worth a 1000 recs, so this time I got a little presentation for ya showin how men of action use these tools to solve (and create) problems. Keep in mind not everbody has one of them fancy-schmancy "hardware emporiums" around so they gotta make do with what they can dig up at the Doller Store. I'm a guessin some of these solutions was throwed together right before the big game was sposed to start so they may not be thought out as well as they could be. Thanks to Tony Rogers for takin some fotos of my favorite projects.

Men doin Man Things

Now this next link shows fellas at work or just recreatin in their own special way. Sometimes thangs can get a little outta hand, but where there's a cool one, there's a way. So just sit back, listen to the purdy music and dreem. Maybe you'll find some simple solutions to some of yer naggin little problems - I mean yer wife's naggin little problems.

Perpetual motion machine

Speakin of men and their tools, here's a real tool - I mean a guy who knows a lot about em. Red Green is from up yonder in Canada where some of you guys hang out. He's about to defy fis-iks an make a perpetual motion machine. Watch and lern from the master!

10 Happiest Athlete Mug Shots
Now hear this - you have a buncha $$$.
Call a freakin limo!

It seems like before the summer is over, everybody in the NFL is gonna have had his head shoved down into the back of a cop car. Whether it's DUIs or beatin up on Mommie Dearest, there seems to be no end to names bein added to the NFL Blotter. This is wreaking havoc with Fantasy Football teams nationwide so somethins gotta give - don't make me 4 piller ya!

But these guys ain't like you an me. No callin their brother-in-law for bail at 3 in the mornin - they just say put'er on my tab an when's breakfast? Goin to the pokey is just another fan experience for them as exhibited in the above link.

Beer is Healthy!

Of course we all knowed that. It's got all sorts a vegtables in it - sorta like a V8 that sat around a little too long. I saw a article about beer bein good for ya on the web a couple weeks ago. When I went lookin for it to include here, I found a whole raft of other stuff sayin the same thing. Now I didn't really read em to close - sorta looked at em quick thru my fingers like a pus puny person watches a horror movie. I know how it works. They get ya all spun up on how good beer is at the first, an at the end they're all "... but ya really shouldn't have drank that 12-pack." So anyways, all ya need to know is Beer is Healthy an that's it. I red it on the internet.

Who Sez Biciklin Ain't a Contact Sport???

Garmin-Sharp team decimated after crash
Crash in Stage 6 of the Tour De France

Defintiely blood, sweat and tears in this Tour De France. Here's video describing Stage 6 in more detail.

The Tour ends Sunday in Paris. Looks like it is Bradley Wiggins' race to lose at this point. Congrats to JoolzMF and our other British TSTers.

Well, time ta go. Three more days til we have somethin to talk about besides The Top 10 bla bla bla and The Top 10 bla bla bla of all time!

See ya at camp.

Go RAMS!!!

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