America's Threat from Within: Incompetence

Have you ever stood in the checkout line at your favorite grocery store and wondered why the hell it was taking so long. I mean everything is computerized; the checkers gave up having to be able to make change years ago. Now they just give you whatever the machine says, and plop the money in your hand along with a receipt. I bet if it said your change was a $1000.00 for handing them a 10 dollar bill, they would probably hand you the change!

All hell breaks loose if something won't scan or if the item is missing its bar code. When that happens they have to call in what I call the "Walking Boss" who hopefully is slightly less incompetent than the checker. If you're lucky that person might be able to solve this "Rubik's Cube" type problem without having to call for the dreaded "Price Check!" over the loud speaker.

Over the years I've occasionally ran into poor customer service in dealing with everyday things, but this past year it has become increasingly apparent that incompetence is slowly permeating through every facet of American life. It seems that everything from calling to solve a simple utility bill problem, health insurance claims, getting your oil changed, or finding mail in your mailbox that is actually addressed to you, is becoming more and more challenging.

I wonder if I'm living at the center of some sort of genetic Dead-Zone, and I'm surrounded by mutants. Apparently they can operate an iPhone with blazing speed, but find that driving is a distraction to their communication needs. They can keep track of their friend's social networks, but can't find your prescription that they called to tell you was ready for pick up. A co-worker the other day was told he needed a doctor's note to relieve him from helping the office move to a new location (lifting boxes). He just stayed home the next day without calling in at all because he was mad!

This is an example of the next generation coming on line to replace the old school "work hard" ethic, with the new and improved, "I'm entitled, so don't bug me" generation. It started with "Everyone's a winner!" and has gained momentum like Tebowing!

Next came "You're not a loser Johnny, your just misunderstood!"

Give me a break! This is what's ruined most of the youth in this country, when I grew up you were expected to be able to do the job you were hired to do. Winner's won, and Loser's lost! Hellfire and Damnation what's so wrong with that? Now the country has a whole generation of self entitled loser's (not all) but a huge majority that are going to make your everyday life even more miserable than it already is!

Did your washing machine crap out on you? Good thing it's under warranty....yeah right!

Expect the serviceman to be there in two weeks, somewhere between 8:00-5:00. Screw you if you have a job! "We have a window and you better be there to answer the phone 15 minutes before we show up, or we will reschedule your appointment and charge you $50 bucks for our inconvenience!"

Look around America, tell me I'm wrong! Tell me that incompetence is not slowly invading every part of our lives like some computer virus slowly infecting our system. I bet that you're finding it harder and harder to get the simplest problems resolved.

And if you don't see the problem you might be one of them. If so please don't move here and go to work at one of my favorite businesses.

So what does all this have to do with the RAMS and Football?

Watch every game from last season and tell me incompetence played no part in all those lost games.

Yes my friends, there is no escaping the future!

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