sorry... more predictions :p

lol my title says it all. many people have made predictions for this team and i figured why not. i can only do players for people that are pretty much garunteed a roster spot do no dx or brandon gibson :(. so without further ado this is my predictions for the upcoming offense.

Sam Bradford (21 TDS 13 INT 3656 yards): now these are in no way outstanding numbers but there good enough for a qb on a run first team. from 2006 to 2010 under coach fisher the tennese titans never passed for more then 14 tds. they did not make the playoffs that year. in sams rookie year he had 590 pass attempts. the titans have only had a qb pass over 400 times once in 2008 when they were the best team in the nfl during the regular season. this all leads me to believe the rams will not rely as much on sam bradford as they did in his rookie year. he will not doubt be a focal point in this offense but this offense will lean the run game even more then in years past which will diminish sams numbers. not to mention the question marks we still have at receiver at this point in time. i see sam growing as a player which is why i increased his stats in nearly every catagory but he have a great season but his stats will not tell the true story of how well he is going to play.

SJAX (1253 yards 10 tds) ill admit 10 tds is very optimistic at first glance but i think with the addition of pead this offense will become a two headed rushing attack. with that being said steven jackson will most likely get all the goal line carries which will lead to more tds. remember sjax got 5 tds with the majority of them coming from the goal line. or was it all of them? anyways the point is i think our offense will actually be able to move this year so we will have a lot more red zone opportunitys and i honestly believe jackson and pead are going to combine for 2000 yards.

PEAD ( 780 yards 7 tds) pead is going to have a great year and will be able to get tds in all different ways even without any goal line carries.

brian quick: (653 yards 4 tds) once again under coach fisher from 2006 to 2010 the leading receiver on the titans has never gotten over 775 yards. the totals being 737 yards in 2006, 750 yards in 2007, 561 yards in 2008. 701 yards in 2009 and 775 yards in 2010. now to expect brian quick to get in the 700-1000 yards range i when our leading receiver will almost no doubt be amendola is just asking too much for a rookie. especially one making the transition from division 2 to the nfl and being the number one receiver on the team day 1 no less.

danny amendola: (788 yards 4 tds) danny will play just as expected but its not like teams dont know he is bradfords favorite target. i dont expect anything crazy from him this year but he will still have a good year.

chris givens: (417 yards 3 tds) the x factor of the offense hopefully :P

lance kendricks: (748 yards 5 tds) in the past 2 years on a team with santonio holmes and braylon edwards the receiver with the most receptions has been dustin keller. now dustin keller is a great player but theres no doubt in my mind that kendricks has all the talent in the world and has the potential to be better the dustin keller. this is the perfect situation for kendricks to be in. after a bad first season who else would u want as your offensive coordinator then brian shotenheimer who has never had a problem getting the ball to his starting tight end. kendricks is going to be key to this passing attack.

there you have it my personal prediction, unlike professional analysts i dont just make safe picks i can be very optimistic ir very unoptimistic if thats even a word lol. if the offensive stats are as follows i believe this team is playoff boun. that is all.

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