Predicting the Stats - Receivers

It looks like this series has been a major success so far and I thank everyone who has commented and gave their opinion on it, it has been appreciated and much knowledge has been passes. I'd also like to thank everyone who has rec'd them, it is also appreciated. So with that out the way we go to one of the more exciting predictions of the series, Wide Receiver.



This receiving unit has been the most inconsistent bunch since the HoFers known as Issac Bruce and Torry Holt They tried to fill that hole with Donny Avery but it didn't work as he was too insistent and injury prone. Many would say the last regime did nothing but try and put a metephorical band aid over the issues with mid to late round drafts picks like drafting Pettis, Salas, and Gilyard (who is no longer here). It would be an understatement to say this corps has let Sam down over his first two season as a Ram. His first season in my honest opinion the drops and outrageously conservative play calling kept us out of the playoffs.

This drop basically defined and told our season, a team that had all the chances in the world to capitalize but failed to do so.

Horrible Game Losing Missed Catch - Rams 1/2/11 Rams vs. Se (via thehappymanofgod)

Season two you could blame on many other outside forces that just worked against us like a pushover head coach, a stubborn OC, and a shortened offseason. But even with all of that can you really ignore the pin point throws that bounced off the hands of receivers time and time again? The new regime took steps to better this corps by picking up Smith in free agency and Brian Quick and Chris Givens in the draft (both could very well start opening day). Then we go to the Tight ends and they haven't done much either. Kendricks was supposed to have a great rookie campaign but he picked up the dropping habit (haha, see what I did there?) from the receivers. He showed flashes but nothing substantial while Illinois Mike can't stay on the field to save his life. So what do I predict? Oh, my predictions for receiving yards will be the players that i believe will start week one.

Brian Quick

Catches: 42

Yards: 738

TD's: 6

Steve Smith

Catches: 51

Yards: 624

TD's 7

Danny Amendola

Catches: 90

Yards: 855

TD's 5

Lance Kendricks

Catches: 47

Yards: 529

TD's: 4

Steven Jackson

Catches: 44

Yards: 358

TD's: 2

A ton of numbers there to digest and of course here's my explanation for it all. For Brian Quick or any rookie for that matter it's hard to predict what they will do. You put so many expectations on their shoulders that it becomes ridiculous after a while. I've been saying all along that he is the X-Factor for this offense besides Sam. By that I mean he has to open up things for the receivers on the inside. A lot to put on his shoulders, yes but it's reality. For his stats I went back and looked at what Kenny Britt did his first season. Both of his first two season he had 42 receptions so I thought that was good to start with. Then his yards I averaged them and got 738. Pretty fair number to give Quick in my opinion. As for my TD's, most of his TD's will come in the redzone and thought if he got 6 that would be a great start to his career. Steve Smith was honestly one I had to wing, I don't know what exactly to expect from him, so tell me below what you think of his stats and if they're too high or low for your expectations. Danny on the other hand I had to look at his averages and think to myself how well will he improve. So I look at his average per catch and seen that it has improved over the last few years. I added up his improvement and divided it, it came out to some funky number so I rounded up to .5 which means he'll average 9.5 yards per catch this season. Multiplied that by my 90 catches and got my yards. The TD's I went off how well I think he'll improve and got 5. As far as Kendricks goes, I think he'll play the Dustin Keller role in this offense, so I look at some of his stats and got my catches and yards. I think most of his TD's will be once again in the redzone so 4 is a good number to look at. Last but not least you have Steven Jackson. For him I just looked at his last two seasons and averaged them out, got my yards and catches. For his TD's, I don't believe he'll get much receiving now that we have Pead so I gave him 2.

If you add up all of these stats they do not come out to what I predicted for Sam but that's because that's not all of our receivers. These players will not be in all the time so the remaining receivers and running backs should be able to get the rest.

There are my predictions for our receivers this upcoming season. Tell me what you think below and what you think of Steve Smith's stats. Also I was only going to do the offensive side of the ball so tell me if you'd like for me to do the Defensive side as well. As always thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.

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