Predicting the Stats - RB

Looks like I got mixed feelings about my QB post with mostly a split between it being to optimistic and sounds about right with a small sum thinking the stats weren't enough. Now as you can see from the title we have to running backs. For this post I will only do the two most important back for this offense which are Steven Jackson and Isaiah Pead. This might be the most important position on this team seeing as both the Head Coach and OC likes a ground and pound type offense.



Steven Jackson has been the workhorse for this Rams team for years and despite being a bit injury prone here and there, has been a model of consistency for one of the most inconsistent teams in the NFL over his tenure. Some fans have even suggested that we trade him to a better team seeing as he hasn't once seen a playoff game beyond the TV at his home nor even a winning season, I've even suggested it a few time. But make no bones about it, Jackson wants to be a Ram til he retires. That kind of loyalty and dedication is a lost art in today's sports and for that reason he's not seen by the average Joe as a top 5 RB, because he's consistently on horrendous teams. He is a workhorse RB, which in and of itself a lost art being there are only a handful left, a few being AP and Ray Rice. How do I project for him this season?

Rush Attempts - 308

Rushing Yards - 1325

Rushing TD's - 7

How did I come up with these stats, I will tell you anxious reader. What I did was go back to when Fisher was coaching the titans and looked at Chris Johnson. I averaged his rushing attempts under his stint with Fisher and it came to of course 308. something but I just rounded down to 308. I didn't do the same with his yards because SJax despite all of our homerism for him isn't as good as Chris nor is he in his prime for us to think about those type of numbers. So after that I went back to Steven Jackson's stats and looked at his average yards per attempt which is at 4.3. I multiplied that with my 308 and got my yards. For my TD's I went to his yards once again and averaged his TD's through the years and got 6.5 which I then averaged up to 7. I couldn't go to Chris Johnson's because there are things that he can do that SJax can't and vise versa.

The glaring hole that you see in this post is there's no Isaiah Pead, that's where I hope that you can come in. What I want you to do below as well as tell me what you think about my prediction for SJax is tell me what you think his stats line will be in this upcoming season.

As always thanks for reading and tell me what you think.

Next time, Wide Receivers..

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