St. Louis Rams - An Early Glimpse of the WR Picture

EARTH CITY, MO - JULY 31: Greg Salas #87 of the St. Louis Rams hauls in a kick return during training camp at the Russell Training Center on July 31, 2011 in Earth City, Missouri. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

Well my summer is going terrific (sarcasm). Besides being stuck in summer school everyday, having car issues, and loaning my homie five hundreds bucks while not seeing any signs of dude repaying me back any time soon, it has been a pleasant little three weeks thus far.

Then last night, while I had the rare opportunity to hit up the classy Long Beach, Calif. bar scene, my pops happens to get appendicitis and I have to drive the ol' man to the hospital (for those concerned – I doubt there will be any– he's just fine now).

So when I hopped on my laptop – a mere 30 minutes ago – the first thing I did was check on my beloved Rams. I quickly skimmed through our TST site before tabbing over to the Rams official site. I didn't find any new stories on the front page, so I went over to senior writer Nick Wagoner's "From The Sidelines" blog and found some very interesting stuff concerning the wide receiver group.

The obvious things were mentioned at the top – Rams wrap up their last OTA of the offseason , so and so was limited/did not participate, etc – but as you read along, Wagoner begins to talk about some of the the standouts – rookie Chris Givens and second-year WR Greg Salas.

Givens caught a deep pass late in practice - showcasing his blazing speed - before sonning cornerback Jeremy Cadwell (who??? Exactly.) on a touchdown pass by quarterback Kellen Clemons. Oh, and Wagoner makes it a point to mention that Givens is working solely on the outside (Steve Smith and Danny Amendola are both working out of the slot).

Salas also made highlight receptions while working with Sam Bradford and the first stringers. Greg pulled in a diving, one-handed catch Wagoner said was damn near impossible to catch because of the velocity Sammy Boy put on that sucker.

Now, there is no question that I's a Greg Salas supporter – dude can be a very solid possesion receiver who can break tackles and get yards after catching the ball. If rookie Brian Quick is the starter on one of the outside spots, I'd love to have Salas out there with him as well. Then in three-four WR sets, you can roll him inside and have Givens burn the defense on the outside.

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