A crystal ball look at the Rams' 2012 Season

There have been a few of these types of post going around so I thought I would join the party. This is the way I see the Rams’ 2012 season going. I know at this point of the year this is silly, but I am bored and I felt like writing. Please enjoy and comment below…criticism/discussion is fun and is kind of the point of all of this.

Week 1 @ Detroit

This game has the potential to be an upset victory for the Rams. If the Rams come into this game with confidence in the coaching staff and themselves and don’t shoot themselves in the foot like they did last year they could beat the Lions in Detroit. With the off-season trouble the team has already experienced and the high expectations the city will have for this team Detroit may come into the opener flat. Finnegan will match up well with Calvin Johnson with all of his past experience facing Andre Johnson and having success. Jenkins on the other side of the field will lock down Nate Burleson, leaving the Lions to rely heavily on their run game…which doesn’t exist to try and beat the Rams. I think it will be close but the Rams squeak out an early season surprise.

W 23-20

Week 2 vs. Washington

This might be one of the most important games of the 2012 season for the Rams to win, at least in the fan’s eyes. The Rams fleeced the Redskins with their blockbuster trade this off season and having them fail this year would make the deal all the better. As the fans see it beating the Redskins might be the most important thing of the year. With RG3 still adjusting to the speed of the NFL and their defense getting another year older this will a great opportunity for the Rams to show everyone how much the team has changed. Washington may start strong but will not be able to keep up with the new young fast Rams team. Rams win this game with a statement.

W 30-17

Week 3 @ Chicago

Going to Soldier’s Field is going to be ugly for the Rams. The Bears’ defense is still one of the best in the NFL, they will give Bradford fits all day. Jackson won’t get much of an opportunity to get going as the Rams fall behind early and have to pass to try and catch up. The Rams play tough but lose.

L 33-19

Week 4 vs Seattle

By week 4 I expect the Rams to be firing on all cylinders. They have had enough time to be fully up to speed with Shotty’s offense and the defense should be gelling well. With Seattle struggling early in the season and flip flopping with their QB situation they will be easy pickins for a hungry Rams team disappointed by their performance the week prior. The Rams make a statement to the rest of the division by making an example out of the hawks.

W 27-13

Week 5 vs. Arizona

The Rams are riding high after starting the season 3-1. They come into week 5 confident and ready. Arizona and Kolb are still the same team from 2011 and struggle against the Rams’ relentless pass rush. Quinn and Long feast on the fat, slow, and weak Arizona o-line and wreck the Arizona game plan early. The improved Rams’ special teams keep Peterson in check and win a second in a row inside the division.

W 24-17

Week 6 @ Miami

The Rams let the early success get to their head a little in week 6 in Miami. Moore starts the season under center but struggles and Tannehill and his hot wife take center stage for week 6. To the surprise of everyone Tannehill plays really well. And with the tough Miami defense getting even better in 2012 they push the Rams around.

L 27-14

Week 7 vs. Green Bay

The struggles for the Rams continue in week 7. Green Bay and the discount double check come to town and take the wind completely out of the Rams’ sails. Rogers has a huge game throwing 4 TDs and the Rams don’t have the fire power to keep up.

L 36 - 20

Week 8 New England

After coming off two tough losses the Rams are focused. They have been preparing for this game since March and have a plan in place on how to deal with the travel and time change. They come into the game fresh and ready. They play tough and Jackson and Pead tear up the Pats’ defense running for a combined 200 yards. But Brady pulls off a 4th quarter miracle and the Pats’ win by 3 with a last second field goal. The rest of the league and world for that matter take notice of the new Rams team and how much they have improved from the dismal 2011 season.

L 27-24

Week 9: Bye

Much needed rest for a team that to this point has stayed pretty healthy but like all teams is full of walking wounded.

Week 10 @ San Francisco

This is a tough game to come into after a long trip to Wimbley and traveling west into Candle Stick to boot. San Fran is tough and at home are even tougher. The Rams play well and Bradford has a good game but it isn’t enough to win the game.

L 17-14

Week 11 vs. New York Jets

After 4 loses in a row the team is pissed. Jackson got banged up by the Niners and Pead gets an opportunity to start. By week 11 the circus in the Jets’ locker room is out of control. Teabow is starting and the players are blaming any and everyone. Rexy has lost control and is on the brink of getting fired. The Rams’ secondary puts on a clinic against Teabow and Jenkins has a pick 6 that puts the final nail in the dying Jets.

W 30-20

Week 12 @ Arizona

The Rams come into this game pumped up after giving Schotty the redemption he so wanted against his former team that threw him under the bus. Arizona is still struggling and Kolb has been out the past 3 weeks with yet another injury. Skelton’s luck has run out and the team is in shambles. The Rams win this game with an early 40 yard touchdown from Givens.

W 28-13

Week 13 vs. San Francisco

San Fran has shown everyone that they are for real and weren’t a one hit wonder. They come into week 13 with an 8-3 record and don’t plan on letting the Rams slow them down. Alex Smith plays out of his mind and Gore runs wild on a young Rams team that is starting to show signs of wearing down.

L 34-17

Week 14 @ Buffalo

Buffalo in December…F@!# that! Rams have the same thoughts and play poorly in the snow.

L 20-10

Week 15 vs. Minnesota

Kahlil wasn’t the savior the Vikings were hoping for and Ponder has taken a beating all year and played poorly because of it. The Rams continue that trend and beat up on the poor kid even more. The defense looks the best they have all season and make a statement with this game collecting 5 sacks and 2 interceptions.

W 24-9

Week 16 @ Tampa Bay

Tampa has returned to their 2010 ways and Josh Freeman is having a Pro Bowl season. The Bucs have been beating up on teams all year long and continue to do so in their push to win their division.

L 27-20

Week 17 @ Seattle

The Rams enter week 17 in a familiar place, they are 7-8 going into Seattle, however this year there is no hope of the playoffs for either team. The 49ers have run away with the division and its going to take at least 9 wins for a shot at the wild card. The Rams still have something to prove and finish the season on a high note. Bradford and the receivers play head and shoulders above their performance in 2010 and silence the Hawk’s best player.

W 22-13

All in all the Rams have a good season. The team stays healthy all season with only a few minor dings here and there. Bradford returns to what we saw in 2010 and Jackson gets 8 in a row with a few hundred yards to spare. The defense is much improved from 2011 allowing far fewer points and keeping the Rams close in almost every game. Even though they fell well short of the lofty sack record goal Fisher set in the off season they have created an identity as a tough aggressive team that isn’t going to lay down for anyone.

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