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GUANGZHOU CHINA - NOVEMBER 06: Fireworks explode from the Guangzhou TV Tower during a rehearsal for the opening ceremony of the 16th Asian Games Guangzhou 2010 on November 6 2010 in Guangzhou China. (Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images)

Editor's Note: You know him from the comment threads. Yes, he's a couple puppies shy of a pet shop, but that doesn't mean he isn't funny, now does it? Please welcome ramdude to today's front page - Southern drawl n' all... Douglas M

Happy week-end everybody.

... if you're a quarterback. This vintage article from Bleacher Report proves it and does so without saying one disparaging thing about the Rams.

So basically, this guy collected a bunch of data and then used math stuff to prove what he already believed in the first place. (That's a lot of what math is used for these days.) While he didn't show his work, he mentioned Highschol (sic) trigonometry. You can't argue with High schol trigonometry whether you are a Republican OR a Democrat, so let's just accept this as factish.

I've been sitting on the sidelines watching the couple of debates about Russell Wilson and his chance for future success with the Seasquirts. These factoids are enough to support my own personal feelings that, at 5'11", he will not have his own brand of corn flakes (a la Flutie Flakes) in the future.

I like the guy a lot even though he held my school (NCSU) hostage while he debated about whether to play pro baseball or come back for his last year as QB, and then ultimately went off to U of Cheddah. So it is NOT personal - very talented and classy guy.

However, he was fragile - got hurt fairly easily. He was elusive in his first year, but once teams caught onto him, he was not nearly as effective. (For State, he was still a god, but the luster was not as bright as it appeared it was going to be.) Wisconsin was perfect for him - good line and supporting cast which made him shine. But I don't think Seattle is equivalent to a pro version of Wisconsin. [Wisconsin / NCAA > Seattle / NFL]. There's some more indisputable math for yo ass. To make things worse, the boys is bigger in the Pros and he's the same size.

The icing on the cake is Alex Barron is in the neighborhood. That dude is like a cat - always lands on his feet offsides...

Tom Cruise not paying attention in class - knows it all
already... Anthony Edwards checks the script to see how
many more days he's got left.
Got a little sadness to report...

Just as Rams fans were starting to recover from the Katy Perry/Russell Brand lesbian experiment and break-up, we now have to deal with the fact Katie Holmes and Maverick are no longer pilot and navigator.

While Katie may be jumping for joy on Oprah's furniture for the moment - knowing that her life will probably not end in a massive fire in Waco, Texas - she needs to keep one thing in mind:

The last dude that bailed on Tommy Boy ain't with us no more. That's right, Mother Goose was dead before he hit the water just for saying, "Mav, we ain't got the gas for this and I think Scientology is crap!" Let's all say a little prayer.

In other news, another one bites the dust. And this guy never even got a chance to get drafted by the Lions and get his serious DUI on. Georgia tailback Isaiah Crowell goes from AP's Southeastern Conference Freshman of the Year to "You want fries with that?". Crowell announced he would attend Georgia by pulling out and lighting a bulldog puppy-shaped blunt at his signing day presser - sadly, a foreshadowing of things to come. 3K, your job just got a little easier when you get to the SEC breakdown.

Since it's hot as Kate Upton's shorts, I'm not going to keep you. But remember, if you stock up on explosives for Wednesday's festivities; LIGHT AND GET AWAY. Some of the instructions on these things may be poorly translated from Chinese to Spanish to Gibberish to American. LIGHT AND GET AWAY! If you get away first, you have nothing to light. If you light and don't get away, parts of you go missing. And that's bad with or without Obamacare!

Feel free to tawk amongst ya'selves. Good day.
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