Tomorrow's Rams - Ga. Tech, Maryland, the U, UNC & NC State

Offenses aren't eager to face off against Georgia Tech OLB Jeremiah Attaochu. Van isn't eager to pronounce his name.

Got a bit wrapped up with some other efforts, so I figured we could wrap up a week of previews over at Mocking the Draft in one fell swoop here.

Not to focus to much on the conference as a whole (since that's coming down the line next week), but the ACC at least provides the faintest shape of the outline of the 2013 NFL Draft. If you missed them, here are the previews from this week:

- Georgia Tech

- Maryland

- Miami

- North Carolina

- North Carolina State

After the jump, some notes.

Thanks to Ga. Tech, Maryland and NC State, the defensive prospect list is a notably longer than the offensive side this week. Throw in Florida St. from last week, and you can get a sense of where this conference makes its meat (is that even a saying?). Still, there are some prospects on the offensive side of the ball worth watching this year as Rams fans.

UNC G Jonathan Cooper should be near the top of that list. This will be the third year I've been singing his praises, and I'm already seeing people get on board for other teams. If we're not able to land Cooper in the first two rounds, Ga. Tech G Omoregie Uzzi might be an early day 3 option.

As for OT, Miami, North Carolina and NC State all have names worth writing down; however, I say this now -- Miami OT Seantrel Henderson is more name than game right now. At 6'8", 345 lbs., you can't quite count him out yet.

Defense-wise, there are too many names to list individually. The conference as a whole offers quality prospects at all three levels: D-line, LBs and the secondary.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Rams dip into the DT pool on day three in the 2013 NFL Draft. Outside linebacker obviously is a position of concern going into this year, so perhaps Jeremiah Attaochu and Ramon Buchanan should be on your shortlist. Perhaps the most interesting positions in the conference are free safety and strong safety. You can get quality at both across the ACC.

I'll wrap up the conference next week after scouring Virginia, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest. Until then, what are your thoughts on the ACC teams I've covered thus far? Any names have your bones in the jones zone?

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